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Always Waiting

NB: This is a very old poem of mine, I am moving out of my void folder, Always waiting.

Always Waiting

I sit at this empty table, waiting for my angel.
I know that she will not come, so why do I sit and wait?
Time is slowly moving against me, perhaps I should move on with life?
No, what if she comes while I leave?
I must stay… just in case.
So here I sit, at this empty table…
Waiting for this angel.
But I know that she will not come, so why do I sit and wait?
This empty table… alone and cold, my eyes in ache for sleep.
With tears and silence creeping in…
I  will wait our my days.


What happened…

Nb: This poem was written on January 20th 2008,
I am not sure what made the poem be written and because I no longer remember I decided to move it out of my “void” folder, which is a big folder full of things I have written that I plan to never post or give to anyone .

What happened…

What happened to us and our journey
To make you stop loving me so,
How can three words be so powerful,
Yet so easily said to fool

Was it something that I did to you?
Something beyond my control?
Or was it that you had given up,
No longer wanting to fix whats wrong.

No matter what happens from this moment
Where time has stopped for us both.
Know that my heart will have a place for you…
No matter what the future holds.

Young Soldier

My body is tired,
Aching and old,
It shouldn’t be,
I am so young,
But my eyes have seen so many sorrows,
Dark things beyond any words,
So part of me prays the end will come,
So at last I may rest in slumber…
But If theres anything I have learned thus far,
Its that there are many battles yet to come,
My rest is far from soon… I know,
So I will also pray to not do it alone.

In a Pout.

NB: I’m just sad today.

In a pout

It was a sad day,
Cold with a chill
Matty of MattyLand
Sat so quiet and still.

His eyes were a tear
As he sat on the couch
He snuggled Miss Lovealot Squeakypaw
in a big pout.

He didn’t know why
It was such a sad day
But he felt inside,
In such a big way.

He had lots of toys
So that wasn’t it
It wasn’t as if,
He had lost anything….

He knew people loved him
Cared for him deep,
He knew they were friends
Even when they were busy.

He had recently eaten
So he knew he wasn’t hungry,
He had been told you can be sad
When your tummy is grumbling…

He had a big bottle of water
Right by his chair
So it wasn’t that he was thirsty…
Its said that can make you sad…

It couldn’t be that he was tired
He had just woken up
From a pretty big sleep
Where he had dreamed a lot…

It wasn’t that he was cold,
Even though there was a chill,
The heat was on high
So that he could stay warm

But it must be something,…
For he could feel it inside,
A deep icky feeling,
He was sad alright

And in all that worrying,
That thinking, that pout,
A certain kitty cat,
Showed on up at his couch

She hopped on his lap
She let out a purr
She walked over him twice
And then sat on him.

And then Matty of MattyLand,
Finally Knew at last
What was making him sad
And pout so much.

It was just one of those days
Where he just needed a hug.

Bad Memories

NB: 😦 I am hiding this post from main page, but still posting. 😦 hope it makes no one sad.

Bad memories

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REPOST – The blink of an eye

NB: For those who follow my blog, this poem was written after the last earthquake in September, but it has just as much relevance now as it did then. 😦

In the blink of an eye
The world I knew was gone
Changed forever by the earth
Beyond any mans control
I was left to wonder my own city
A tourist to my home
And from now I shall live every day
Knowing time can be so ever short.

We are just visitors

NB: As we (the person I was with and I) drove through the earthquake ruined streets a few minutes after the earthquake, past houses, dead bodies… I wrote this.  I was deciding if I should post this, but have since decided to. I am sorry for those who lost someone since the earthquake. I myself am just homeless… my kitty is safe and has been re-homed and I am now staying with a friend. It could have been much worse.

We are just visitors

The world I love has crumbled.
Become a sorrowful ruin
The streets are now drenched in blood,
Sprinkled and covered in thick dust…
Some people scream, cry… rub there eyes
Is what they are seeing real?
Others rush to aid the fallen
Trapped under belongings they considered valuable.
My mouth runs dry as fear kicks in,
Are those I love still there for me?
And as the technology I depend on fails,
That fear grows into an empty feeling,
Despite the chaos around me,
All the people in panic…
I feel alone, isolated… afraid…
And as the reality I use to know,
Organization, structure, control…
Slowly fades away…
I begin to realize…
We are just visitors on this plain
It is nature that decides how long we stay.

Thinking on the past

NB: Thinking on the past, I wrote this.

One day they are beside you
Making promises in trust
Telling you they will be your friend
Support you no matter what,
That they will be there for you
No matter where the journey leads
That no matter what happens
The friendship will be kept.

Then one day you wake up
Opening your eyes in tears
As you realize your alone
Very afraid and scared.
And all those promises made
Words exchanged in love
Were only ever said
because they felt they must.


NB: I have been a bit sad lately, and somewhere in that I wrote this.

Who is friend?
And Who is foe?
Those I trust…
Are paid in gold…
Those I love,
Have long since gone.
Those I know,
Don’t care at all
I am so confused…
So alone,
Lost in a world
Not my own.

Our world gone

NB: This is quite a sad poem, and its long, you will need to click the read more button to read it all, or on the title above,

A friend was telling me how one day she looked out her window and around her was fields and forest, then when she went to sleep and woke up, it felt like only a day had past and then it was a town, then when the forest was gone they all moved on and around her house now is mostly abandoned building and machines. I tried to imagine what that would be like, sleeping and waking and each day being scarier that the one before it.  Thats how this poem was written

Oh the forest, and the fields,
So green and ever lasting
So beautiful, so precious,
Full of colour, smells and sounds.

There are tall trees, short trees
Green trees and orange trees
There are leaves of many shapes
Nothing ever looks the same.

Then upon the night
We shut our eyes
We smile big and sleep very sound
For we remember all the beauty
That surrounds us all the time

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