Bad Memories

NB: ­čśŽ I am hiding this post from main page, but still posting. ­čśŽ hope it makes no one sad.

Bad memories

Every time I shut my eyes
I relive those days I long left behind
Those days of loneliness, of pain and tears
Where wanting to live was a rare event…

Days where my body was not my own
Where it was hurt over and over,
Days where my mind was trapped and caged
Where I pondered death again and again.
Days where  I begged for someone to listen
Only to find myself abandoned…

I say each morning those days are gone,
That I am safe now, not alone
I convince myself that I have a home…
But when I shut my eyes those thoughts are gone,
Replaying on a loop never forgotten.



  1. Steph Said:

    Oh Matty, I am so sad for you that you have those bad memories. I hope you really do feel that you have a home now and that you know that you have lots of new and wonderful friends that will be there for you when you need them. You have a sleep soon, and when you close your eyes tonight think of all the good things and people that have come along lately. Sweet dreams. XXX

  2. Kat Said:

    thankyou for sharing this Matty.
    thankyou for giving a voice to something that
    so many people around the world have suffered…
    deep depression. there are many people that feel depression and feel abandonded.

    and with you sharing this … others will see that they are not alone
    that other people have gone thru what they are going thru
    and they have found a way up from the darkness of depression
    and are walking in the sunshine again. xxxx

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