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May in Time

NB: a little poem I wrote to a creative friend of mine who has a regular youtube following 🙂

May in time we open our eyes
To the dreams that lay inside
And with a tear hold them tight
Not let them flutter away at night
Then one day upon our wake
Share with all what we have made
Not live so dark inside a cage
But a colorful world without pain!
Time will tell you will see.

With Love dear friend
From ME.


Since this weekend is a long weekend.

Happy Travels
Remember to relax
And enjoy the time that flows
Make sure you also rest
Dwell happily on thoughts
But most of all please remember
You do not need to rush!
Take your time in all you do
For this time is set aside for you

Happy Travels
Safe holidays

From me to you

A void so dark.

Love can break your heart
Create a void so dark
A space that is so large
That makes you feel crushed.
Yet no matter how terrifying
Horrible it feels
The hole that has been created
Can once again be filled,
Perhaps it won’t be the same
But at least it will numb the pain…
And maybe with the aide of time
Things will one day feel right again.