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The Plan…

NB: 😦

I thought there was a plan for me
Things were slowly making sense
All the problems I had faced
Were to ready me for this day?
Then as that day slowly approached,
I felt inside alone
As the plan I had begun to love
Fell to pieces on its own.
So questioning life here I am,
Lost on what it is true
Was there ever really a plan,
Or am I lost in the blue.


A special poem written for my friend Kathys Birthday

NB: I wrote this specially for kathys birthday, with her Daughter Trina :)! two of my favorite people.

Happy Birthday

Yes, the poems I write a lot of them are for other people such as this one that I wrote for a friends birthday with her daughter.

Here we are once again
The anniversary of when you came
One of the most special days
Which I’m thankful for everyday

Nothing I have equals your worth
No number can exceed your value
So here I am writing with words
Hoping to remind you.

That you warm my heart deep inside
Give me hope that love can’t die
Remind me that I am alive
Bring safety when I’m afraid at night

When I’m alone you comfort me
Even if just a thought so deep
A whisper of your name brings joy
You make loneliness a memory dead

So I hope you never forget
Just how special you are
That every moment your on this earth
Makes it a better place for all

So if you ever feel in doubt
look to this and all its warmth
Remember this is not a gift
This is truth written in ink

From those that care
Sealed with love
Forever and a day
In all of our hearts

In your heart

NB: I just wrote this now! Into this box! I haven’t edited it, I haven’t saved it on my computer. Its just… THERE! If you see any mistakes let me know so I can fix them :)!

In your heart,
You know what must be done
You feel it deep inside
You’re the only one.

Yet you also know the end
And all those who depend
To fail would bring tears
To those of who you care

So you don’t feel the need to start
The need to let time pass
In a moment that lasts a life time
You just listen to the sounds

Then in a rush you blink
As the world moves before your eyes
You have played it in your head
Seen it a million times

Then its over as if its never been
Just a small part of a story
Another bead on the string
And at last again you breathe

Then you wonder why it took  so long
Why you were so reluctant
Over such a small decision
Which could change the lives around you

Then with a smile you sleep that night
Preparing for the next day
Knowing it will happen again
For the world is an exciting place

I wish for wings.

NB: From a short story of mine 🙂 It is a very old poem and one of the few I have that is still together. Its one of the poems he says when he is at his end. That of what he is talking about, taking with him. Is his name and soul. He has long since wanted to die, as he is immortal, and he is begging the world above to please let him in, but if that is to much to ask, to please let him fall whole…

This is from my favorite piece of writing I ever wrote, To bad no-body else thought so. If anyone ever wants to read the story, maybe I could post up here, maybe. Never really thought about posting short stories.

I wish for wings

I wish for wings to fly where angels sing,
Where I may lay claim upon what is mine.
Upon this day I shall seek for glory and a seat to the right.

Yet If I am seen as foe not friend may this judgement be swift.
May I fall in a fiery blaze from grace, to the bottom of what is…?

With me I take that of which I claim, together we will stay and wait.
Broken Wings and torn songs will lead me to my end,
With what I truly claim, together we shall be, devalued.
Yet together shall we remain.

Its just me now

It’s just me now,
Here all alone…
The silence is deafening
Is this my home?

I feel out of place here
As if it’s somehow changed
Afraid of the darkness,
Which consumes this place.

I just sit here,
In some kind of wait.
But what I’m waiting for
Is just a fairy tale.

So it’s just me now,
Sitting here alone
As the silence consumes me
To the world I feel lost.

I don’t know time anymore
As it drifts far away.
What did I do wrong?
My tears ask each day.

In your arms.

NB: I wrote this for Laura, a poem about when shes holding baby trent, her grandson. 🙂

In your arms.

This world around me is so large
It is a scary place
I am so small and vulnerable
Only just learning my place.

Yet in your arms that has changed
All the worries and fears are gone
Its as if its another dimension
Where only you and I belong

With those worries, those fears lost
The need to understand is gone
and all I need in these moments
Is just your warm soft hugs.

Please don’t let me grow so fast
That I let these moments pass
For its these times that never die
And will make strong to face life.

The Winds Howl

The wind that howls

I sit at the window and listen, as the wind howls through the silent days, the leaves rustle in the breeze and the trees dance in a sway. I at this time feel comforted, as the clouds move above with change, that the world is still moving on, despite the darkness that’s come my way.

I think inside I am torn, at how so many things could go wrong… how my angel could be lost, and my friends so long gone. I ponder so deep in thought, at why I am still here? and as I lose myself to time, the wind howls to remind me I’m here.

So to the wind I owe so much, so many thankful thoughts. Without its long lost words in song I would have surely been so lost and as tears drop from my eyes, as the world moves outside, I know that deep inside… I will have to slowly face time, but till that day approaches- I shall ponder in thought, why did so many horrors happen, and could I have changed the world?


For the lonesome Statue staring out at the ocean

For love we stand so idle
Through a thousand storms
The cold and dark do not phase
As we wait forevermore
However long it be
If we can’t move on
We slowly loose our place
And end up set In stone
A lonesome statue left to waste

You are my sunshine :)

You are my sunshine
Brightening my day
Keeping me warm
Smiling happily away
Your what I look upto
Beautiful to see
Keep being you
Perfect in every way.

Why can’t I be me?

Why must I be whats forced to be?
Who put the rules in place for me
No one ever asked me
Why can’t I be me?

How come I can’t wear what I want?
Play with toys I decide I like?
Feel safe in my own space?
Why can’t I be me?

When did this world change?
To follow stupid conventions made?
Who would follow them seriously?
Why can’t I be me?

All I want is to be myself
Do all the things I want
Then pass to the next a peaceful soul
Why can’t I be me?

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