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Your Bestest Friends!! Teddy Bears!

Hugging_Bears2love foreverYour Bestest friends!

Cuddly, huggly, wuggly bears!
No matter the time their are always there!
Even when you are sad and scared!
Them teddy bears will catch your tears!

So don’t worry when things get bad,
When the end is all close and near!
Just look around for one of those bears,
Grab it tight and hug it instead.

Even when the world sways,
And monsters start to creep your way,
When scary storms grumble loud,
When your face is full of pouts,
Just remember who is there,
Probably sitting upon your bed,
Giggle loud and know your friends!
Always their are teddy bears!

Their hugs and smiles will never fade,
And because of that you’re always safe,
Those teddy bears just never change,
Including their love for hugs and wugs
How lucky we are to be so loved!

So always remember I tell you now,
Keep a teddy bear around,
If just one upon the bed,
Remember, remember a bear is there.
Always forever- your bestest friends


Goodbye Sukas

Goodbye Sukas! = From my short story, as Daeiae bids goodbye to his oldest and dearest friend, the great dragon bease (Called a Narkai) Sukas.

Oh my dearest friend,
You would stand by me to the end,
However I must do this alone,
I wish for you to live on.

We have survived so many ages,
Seen so many things
Death, life, destruction and corruption
You never left my side.

When they cursed my name so loud,
Decided I was a sin of time
Created lies and hunted me down
You never left my side.

When things have seen so dark
And your death has been so close
When monsters crept upon our souls
You never left my side.

I owe to you the world and more
Yet none of this I can give…
Instead I offer you a life,
One away from my sin

As my death draws very near.
Forgive me for leaving you like this,
Saying goodbye so fast and sudden,
Please remember this,

My dearest friend
I have not abandoned you yet
Just giving you another task.
May in times our souls cross paths again,

My dearest an oldest friend goodbye-
But I am sure this will not be the end.

Don’t stand in the shadows.

Oh men in suits, don’t look away
Don’t close your eyes to the chaos that reigns
Watch all the horrors of the world today
Don’t be afraid to shed tears of pain
Accept that time, has shifted and swayed
That your actions taken caused death and decay
Will you not give up, that hope of change
Just stop signing all those lives away…
Kill that urge for the blood and the greed
Us people are equal, put war away
All of us beautiful in each our own way
Please… men in suits, don’t look away.

The people of the towns, the cities, the lands
Beauty if you let it can still find its way
Will you say no to the gun and the chaos that reigns?
Not stand in the shadows, not stand afraid
Be strong in your thoughts, and your dreams unswayed
Lost be your echoes as the stones shake
Yet, don’t cry, if your efforts seem lost
Theres is still time, don’t drown your voice
Hope you must cling to, till all are onboard
Still there be people who won’t understand all.

Oh soldiers with your guns, you can put them down
No need is there for these noises so loud
More thinking you must do for your thought does count
At times it may seem against what your taught
Last man standing, is a philosophy flawed
We are all equal, even those that are shot
Can you cry for all lost, Not just your own down?
Rest at last, sleep so tight, breathe in peace, smile.
Soldiers with your guns, you can finally put them down.

Forever With Love

Above my eyes, in the sky,
An ocean lays of baby blue
How perfect a day is this for me?
For me to say goodbye to you.

I hope you know, I will never forget,
Never forget how much I love you.

All those times we sat on by,
Staring at the beautiful sky,
All those times we have cried,
Staring at the sunsets high,

You to me, will always be,
An angel by my side,
Always in my thoughts, always in my mind.
The sunlight that never ceases to shine.

I hope you know, I can’t let go,
Everyday I will think of you

All those times you smiled at me,
Sparkled like an ocean of dreams,
Just Always remember, you are in my heart,

And never forget this truth,

I will never forget,
Never forget, how much I love you

We will see each other in time.
I guess now, we must say goodbye,
Just wait for me, I will come to,
When the time is right, just know I love you.

goodbye my Angel, watch over me please.

Forever with my love –

Friends are Angels

My soul was sad for the longest time,
Hell use to dwell upon my mind
I lived in fear, in pain and torture
Yet you always held me high.

Through darkness, Through tears
You were always there.
An angel that always seemed to appear…
Even when the darkness crept, and the wind blew in chill
You would make that sorrowful journey, just to pull me through.
You are to me a friend forever, but also an angel from the heavens.

I hope you know deep inside, how much I truly love you,
Just how special you really are, in not just my life but the others around you.

If you ever find yourself in doubt, think of me and smile.
Know I care, know I love, no that I will never judge.
You were always there for me, and so I shall be for you.

You are one of the best people I have ever known,
And I know you will always be close
Even when the breaths stop coming,
Your thoughts will be enough.

Never forget how much you mean,
Never forget your place
Never forget what you are, A beautiful soul of angelic grace.

Know that I am here

To my dearest one
Know that I am here,
Standing strong, as your angel.
Your rock beside you till the end.

I will take on all your sins that come
Cry your pain in a sorrowful song
Smile as you do and share your joy,
A friend till the end who will always try.

Know that standing by your side,
Is a blessing in itself.
In my eyes you are and always will be perfection,
A symbol of love and life.
Abandoning you is something I will never do,
Never worry about that once.

I will forever trust in your judgment,
Never challeng your thoughts and views,
Always be there to hug, laugh and listen
Be there when the darkness comes and passes.

However I hope from deep in my heart.
You never forget what you are-
That you are but a dream to whoever finds you,
And that whoever does should treat you well.

Remember that I am here,
If you ever need me, contact me please-
I will always be ready
From an angel without wings.

I know that I cannot thank you.

To the one of whose soul matches my own,
I know that I cannot thank you
But at least in words I have a chance
To give you that of which you deserve so wholey
A chance to understand,
Just what it is you have done for me.
Let you know that you have given much,
More than I deserve.

That are what makes me wake each day
The one who gives me a smile,
When I am sad inside, you bring light into my darkness
You keep me remembering,
There is more to life than me
An angel that I can see,
The one who completes me.

So I thank you so much, for this and much more
My eternal sunshine, shine bright for days more.

With My Love

To My Dearest Angel

To my dearest Angel
You are what holds me true
Keeping me warm in the cold
Lighting me through the darkest paths
How glad I am that you are here
That your soul is guiding me so
I hope that you stay with me
For many more moons to come.
May you when you hear this,
Know that I have thought of you.
That you mean so much to me,
And that you are what completes me
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you.

Sealed with Love