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The pledge every pony makes

After a long discussion with a pony, the ancient super secret pony pledge was revealed

I here pony,
So do swear,
That all carrots no matter big or small,
Shall be eaten and chewed,
To save humanity is my mission,
For there ignorance to the threat…
Till death shall it be done,
Nom Nom Nom
Chew Chew Chew


:| <- thats the title of tihs one.

When my kitty cat is sleeping
And I poke her in the back
She makes a noise thats very clear
Please don’t do that!
As she slowly wakes she turns to me and says
For waking me up you must seek redemption!
There is only one way…
You must pay the proper tribute
Of course you know how…
The food bowl is awaiting…
I will meet you there in 5

Wishing to be alive

NB: I think this is very old, I don’t know if its published on here or not, I found it in my poetry folder.

Sitting in the dark so cold
Amongst the shadows all alone
Under the rain as it falls in song
Dreaming of days long since gone
Unsure of who is friend and foe
Awaiting an angel whose comings flawed
With silent tears dripping on
Begging for feelings, wishing for help
For emotion or for time to stop
To feel alive, and know I exist
Just to know I have not been abandoned yet
To wake at last with eyes so wide
Breath and end my sorrowful sighs
Stop the tears and dry my eyes
Just wishing… to be alive.