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Forever and a day

Forever and a day
My friendship will stay
Never be in fear
That I will not be here
For even if I pass
I will be close to your heart
Watching over you always
And sending you my love


Dreams Do Come True

NB: If you see spelling mistakes let me know 🙂

Many moons ago
When the world seemed so large
I had a dream while staring high
About a world much like our own

The only change was I was older
The world around seemed so small
And beside me was an angel pure
A being so beautiful no words could describe.

And here I sit staring high once more
Thinking of that dream in smile,
For I truly believed dreams were fantasy
Just Meaningless thoughts, whispered, lost.

Yet as I look around this day
I realize my dream came true
For in my life that angel exists
So beautiful, so You.

So I Thank you from deep in my heart
For not just being in my life
But prooving me wrong like many times before
For teaching me to hold onto hope

Know I love you and always will
Be patient if I seem so distant
For I may just be thinking of other dreams
That perhaps you can help come true.

~Sealed with Love~


The truth is apparent,
Civility is all but gone;
The souls of the fallen are to be forgotten,
The wars dehumanized and vile
Now fought against the hand of the Gods,
Victory and defeat don’t matter anymore,
Now they are meaningless thoughts.
Beauty was lost an age ago.
A forgotten chivalrous code.

Poem I wrote for Laura :)! With a secret message in it.

NB: This is a poem I wrote for Laura, and I thought I would post it here. I hid a secret message in it 🙂 Its a bit long though!

To my friend Laura
My favoritest friend of all!
Wonderifical in every way!
Friend and gentle soul.
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Little note on the end of an email.

In the dark when I’m afraid
Your love keeps me safe each day
So when you find yourself alone
Remember my love is with you as well.

My Eyes

My Eyes

My eyes have seen a lot of pain
Corrupt people of every form
To shut them brings up memories
Memories I have tried but haven’t forgotten
The blood their seen at times brings tears,
Death doesn’t phase them anymore
To sleep with them open is all I can do
Watchful of the door
Cursed forever am I
In prayer the darkness doesn’t creep
The end sometimes I wonder
Would it be better than this.

The Loaded Gun Philosophy – DARK

NB: I am not sure how old this is, it is very long and very dark and a bit sad. I am not sure why I wrote it. Feel free to comment on this one and let me know what you think. It was saved in my computer as The Loaded Gun Philosophy and I think it might be part of a story from when I tried to write about a character I saw in a  movie? Or a animation? Its hard to remember.

The Loaded Gun Philosophy

Happiness, joy; Are just words for me
And they might have had some meaning if I was free
If only someone told me that things could change
It might be different this very day
But trapped to a soulless body forever
To wonder around on strings dangling over-
I am very alone

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Memories of the Immortal Man – STORY

761 words – Memories of the Immortal Man

NB: This was my entry into the one day short story competition for the Christchurch Art Gallery! We only had 8 hours to make the story it started at 9:00am and ended at 5:00pm (I think) the rules were we had to use various things from these lists to write the story. My friend Monty helped me figure out how to do the editing just 30 minutes before I had to hand it in.

I was a bit sad that the winning entry wasn’t even a story it was just a list… basically the person wrote a list of reason to travel. Or something. I didn’t understand it and I think others didn’t either.

You can read the winning entries there. This is my entry, its not very good or as good as the winning ones. But I did try.

Memories of the Immortal Man

There he lay, in dreams and dismay that the world had changed within his days. He looked so old, so tired and worn, a statue unfinished abandoned by its crafter. His age was question, a hundred or a thousand? And upon his face scars were worn. His eyes so fair as if a Gods full of stories, few tears could he shed for his tiring existence. He was after-all immortal.

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In this world there are few miracles
Their chances of occurring low
Like turning the air we breath to gold
The tears we shed to diamond stone

I have long since desired to see such a thing
To witness the impossible come true
Or at least that’s what I believed
Yet how wrong it is that I have been…

I had forgotten so foolishly,
There are miracles every day
When humans couple together
Millions of cells fight for their place

And then out all of the chaos
Through millions upon millions of possibilities
Combinations of endless number
It is you who comes into this world

So through my desires to witness such events
I had neglected a single truth
That seeing you is like turning air to gold
Meeting you in this world like tears to diamond stone

A miracle beyond my comprehension
Worth more than any stone so beautiful
How wrong it is that I have been…
To not have believed in the impossible.

Thank you for proving me wrong.
For teaching my about Miracles…
From now on I am a believer.
And I am proud to have been taught by you

A Miracle to this world.

Children, Gender, Colors and Femininity- Why is pink for girls? Blue for boys?

Portrait of William Ellis Gosling, 1800 By Sir William Beechy

Portrait of William Ellis Gosling, - By Sir William Beechy

Why is pink for girls? Blue for boys? Why can a girl wear pretty things and for boys its not acceptable? and why can girls wear boyish things but not the other way around.

(Thank you Veronica and Jasalyn for fixing this up and making it read okay)

I am not very smart, I don’t think and confused a lot when it comes to people, and this last week a certain topic has been on my head a lot. When I don’t understand something I try to, so this is my attempt.

The thing that’s been on my mind a lot lately has been gender identification. I have read a lot about it from so many places and have come to a lot of thoughts. I don’t know if anyone will read them but I figure I will put them here anyway.

The idea of pink being a girls colour most likely began in the early 19th century, and is as far as history is concerned, mostly a Western concept. Where it truly began is a bit of a mystery however it is recorded in the book titled Little Woman by Louisa May Alcott, a rather popular novel during a scene where Amy tied a pink ribbon on Daisy, and a blue one on her twin, Demi, “French-style, so you can always tell.”

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