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Copyright Infringement Notification – The problems of Internet Termination

I see that the subject of internet termination for piracy is back on the agenda, that’s the idea that if you are suspected of piracy (illegally downloading content that you should be paying for) your internet should be terminated without trial.

I thought I would take some time and share a story from 2008, an experience of mine about how this practice could go so horribly wrong. I was asked by a friend to do this and it is long so be warned your in for a big read.

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Love (A poem for Valentines day :) )

I thought love was just a dream
An illusion of the mind
A fable or a myth
Told in stories old and tired
Yet since I laid my eyes on you
I have begun to see
Love is very real
And exists in me.


NB: From A strange man in a strange land

Here I am alone again
Staring at the sky so High
Dreaming about times since gone
Times that have long since died

Shedding tears of silence
And Crying all alone
Wonder why the world has changed
Why those I love are gone.

The places that were
Are now piles of stone
Those I knew are old and worn
Days are becoming so very still,
As if the worlds no longer turning.

Each day feels more and more strange
I find myself talking more about what was
Distancing myself from the reality around
Watching friend faces pass

I am afraid I will be the last
And that fear is eating me away
Should I die? Is a question I ponder.
Or should I wait for the day.

Then as my angel slowly leaves
I feel inside so empty
With tears I bid my goodbye
And what tied me is no more
This world feels tired

Theres nothing now from the world I knew
Nothing that brings a smile
No reason for my being
Existence feels futile

So into the sea I walk
Unknown is my fate
Yet I pray that when I wake
Familiar faces and place greet me safe

I pray I will no longer be alone
And can finally rest in peace
No longer an creature in a strange land
But a man who is home at last.