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I’m sorry Madison

I’m sorry Madison
To my dear friend awaiting me
In the realm of what is next
I beg of your forgiveness,
For forgetting you in this mess
I promise soon, when the world is calm
And the earth is once again in sleep,
That I will lay the flower as promised
Into the waters where you were laid to rest.
I hope your soul is not unsettled,
Or saddened by my negligence…
Keep waiting for me, as you promised I…
When the time comes I will join you.

~~ With my tears and regret


The blink of an eye

In the blink of an eye
The world I knew was gone
Changed forever by the earth
Beyond any mans control
I was left to wonder my own city
A tourist to my home
And from now I shall live every day
Knowing time can be so ever short,

Longing for a whisper,

NB: please… let me know your ok, everyone. I love you all so much, I just… just please let me know you are all safe. If you read this.

As I sit in the darkness
Alone with but my thoughts
I wonder where the time has gone
And all those that I love
Waiting seems the norm…
Longing gor just a whisper,
A single word of hope,
That they are safe and sound…
In the chaos of the world.