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The end of a friend (Story Unfinished) – (WARNING – VERY DEPRESSING)

NB: This is very depressing, confusing, sad. This is something I wrote years ago, I think maybe after a person I knew ended their life. I didn’t know them so well but I think we could have been friends. Please don’t read if you are easily upset.

I lay on the ground not moving, just looking up at this beast. A creature I could not see, it blocked out the sun and only two red eyes beamed down upon me. They were light, evil and corrupt though for some reason they spoke truth.

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Only Love Brings War (Unfinished Story/Note) – long

‘May by the Gods our lands outlast those of past times, may we seek hope in this thy dark hour’
~ Pompermillia – The Last General of South Sansara


(Angae = angelic like beings who took over, as the guardians of the world, though with little care for the world, those in favor of them, were those of greed, and that seemed to be all the Angae knew how to satisfy; so in anger they slay the )

(Eaven’Gelae = The first guardians, before he was were killed by a darkened demon; one’s which dwelled from outside this realm but somehow found its way into existence.)

(Talamar = the greatest war to mark this world, that of where Daeiae stood…)

(Mea’Geia = Magic)

Only Love Brings War

Day by day it was the same. Reports of fallen men and lands, alone we stood and in fewer numbers, the Angae had decided our fate. We were to fall like those before, the fairies and the one Eaven’Gelae… nothing was the same these late days, however we were determined to go fighting, we would not fall unheard.

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The first to fall – Sylia of Aysteria (Unfinished Story/note)

Sylia looked around, his men so wary and tired… upon their faces, war was present… that icy cold look of death, etched deep into their eyes. He saw that they were unready… not yet prepared to give up theirlives, but he knew that if they didn’t. Those nations to the east would fall in terror, to ruins that would not be recognized

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