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The different bear

NB: I know this is badly written, but I was very sad when I wrote this… I am not sure what kind of poem this is so I will just put it in other poems. If any of you have a better idea what category to put it in let me know!

The Different Bear

There once was a teddy bear who was different
Some would say he was rather weird!
He acted different to the other teddies…
He liked things that they thought were strange.

The other teddies use to laugh at him
They would say mean words and call him names.
They never use to talk with him…
So he was very lonely most days.

All he wanted was a friend,
And he didn’t understand at all,
Why do these teddies not like him?
He is always nice to them all…

He tried to change it by acting different,
But it just didn’t work
He found himself uncomfortable,
And just didn’t feel himself

Then he tried saying nice words,
Telling them really nice things…
But the other teddy bears just ignored him.
And it did not seem to help a bit.

He even tried by giving gifts
To make them play with him more,
But they would just take them all
And not even say thank you once.

Next he tried by sharing his lunch
But they would just eat it all
Then he would get so very hungry
And be sad even more…

It seemed that no matter what he did
Nothing seemed to work
They just didn’t want to be his friend
But to him there was no explanation.

Why do they not like  me?
He thought to himself…
Was it cause I did something wrong?
I have always have tried to be a good teddy,
I have always followed the rules.

What the sad teddy bear didn’t know
Was that he was acting different…
Or at least different to the other bears he was,
To himself he was acting normal.
He liked to dress up in pretty things
Or as animals or super heroes!
He liked to wear bows and pretty ribbons,
Even dresses and silly hats.

The other teddy bears thought this was wrong
“Boy bears shouldn’t wear those things” they said
So they decided he was very bad,
Without even getting to know him.

So after trying so many times,
The different bear decided he had tried to much…
He stopped trying to make friends
And he began to be himself…

Playing with any toy he wished,
Dressing up in fun things,
Not paying attention to what others said
Because he just wanted to be a happy bear…

One day when he was older,
A new teddy bear came to visit
It didn’t think like the other teddy bears,
It was a very pretty girl bear!

She went over to him and asked to play!
His eyes went wide, excited and bright!
He showed the girl bear all the toys!
And they played happily for the entire day!

That night the different bear went to sleep,
And he smiled so very, very big
He said to himself so loudly to himself
“There is a bear out there for everyone,
Sometimes you just have to wait.”


The Sock Before Christmas (I wrote this before Christmas in 2007)

NB: I wrote this in 2007, and I wrote it inside a instant messenger chat box when I was speaking to one of my best friends in the world, Tene. (He lives in the UK, is very geeky and one of my favorite people in the world!) Anyways we were chatting about how if someone evil took over Google they would own the world, and some how that ended up with me writing a story right to Tene!

The editing of this story ended up very messy. But I promised to post a story about an evil sock I wrote, and I keep promises.

The Sock Before Christmas (Yes, Socks own Google)

It started with one sock,
A rebel sock

In a draw so dark no light crept,
There lived a sock corrupt in its head,
It sat there in thought about life and the world
And it didn’t take long till evil had hold.

It only took one sock,
For the idea to be born…
That the whole world could be controlled…
By one being alone.

A sock with a vision and a mind of its own…
A sock with a plan that he plotted alone.

He decided one day to awake from the dark,
He saw an old shirt and began to laugh,
He took out the buttons,
He gave himself eyes,
He folded his tip so a mouth could arise,
He then began to move himself upright,
Smiling to himself,
As his plan began to unfold.

With all his might he charged at the draw,
The lonely sock who had turned evil and cold.
Eventually, after a try or two!
It slipped, just a little bit open,
He saw daylight and grinned.

It had been a while since he had seen light
And after waiting a while, he decided it was time!
to sneak out the draw,and begin his plan at last!
And with one mighty jump…
Well the worlds future was over.

When he was out,
Of his tired old draw
He met a ….. man, whose name was Tene of course
he was quiet strange and rather odd…
As you would expect of someone with a name like Tene you know….
He spoke to the sock, hours on end…
Where he learned that Tene was a computer programmer
Tene knew computers so very well,
He knew them better than he knew the back of his hand.

The sock heard and listened,
About this wonderful place…
The internet he whispered,
Thats where I head.

He searched for a while,
He searched up…
And searched down
He searched to the left
And to the right as well
And although he had no luck,
On his search for this net,
He did however find a cat instead…

It didn’t take long to convince this cat
About the evil plans that he truly had
It must be something in a cats nature…
Something dark, that brings out evil laughter…

With this cat, who had been convinced,
He rode, he rode, on a wonderful quest…
In search of a building,
That he heard existed
It was like Mount Olympus… kind of Mythical
Its name however, was far more logical…
It was called… The Googleplex…

When he reached there,
It didn’t take long,
To find some fancy man who wore a suit and tie…
He hung around him, hiding of course…
Listening… and learning… about so much,
So many things… how heads would explode.

He learned about stocks
Sharemarkets to
He learned about scams
and about advertising to
He listened
He plotted,
He learned, and he learned
And soon this bold sock…,
Knew the in’s and outs of the new world.

It was then he waited,
Outside in the cold,
What he was waiting for,
He didn’t really know…
But he waited,
He waited and waited
As an evil sock should.

And finally his waiting,
Had all paid off,
As Google said it was to make an announcement.

It was then,
On that very same day
The great Google began its talk,
To the big wide world awake!
It announced that as a company,
It would be so very public!
It shares would be open, for the world to buy up!

They went onto the market and they began to spread,
But the Sock was smart,
It had plotted and planned ahead
and soon without warning,
Unknown to all
Google was his!
He owned it all!!

With this new company,
His empire was set,
He laughed as he rode the smirking cat to the throne,
A corporate office with a large glass door!
“the world is mine”
Said the sock so cold.

A few days past,
Then a few years,
Google blogs, Google groups, Google maps!
There was even an email service!
And satellite images!
With this new found power the socks plans were complete,
He then convinced other evil socks to join his team…

From there of course,
It didn’t take long…
Every CEO, Every president, every owner of every company in the world,
One by one, the socks moved in,
And slowly our world now belongs to them!

What happens now,
Is anyones guess,
I think they are waiting…
But for what… is still a mystery.

We could have saved ourselves so much time and pain…
Who knows what may happen in the coming days,
All we had to do was show love in a kind way…
But you know, its not entirely to late…
To learn from past mistakes

To save the world…
Don’t buy black!
Wash your socks everyday,
Keep them far away from shirts…
And also quite possibly cats!

The Missing Invitation! PART 2!

NB: This is part 2 of The Missing Invitation story, please CLICK HERE TO READ PART 1 otherwise this story will make no sense!
I hope you enjoy this Helen, and don’t forget to smile and giggle lots!

The Missing Invitation! PART 2!

So off Prince Epic went
Who may possibly be a moose,
With a skip, and a hop
Towards the fence he went,
He twirled and jumped.
Constantly checking,
His watch for the time
For being late would be a crime!
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The Missing Invitation! PART 1!

NB: The Missing Invitation, PART 1, FOR HELEN! My bestest Alaskan goat herder friend and Queen of Fort Goat, I LOVES YOU LOTS HELEN!!!

The Missing Invitation, PART 1

It all began with a Maaaaaa,
And a stomp of a hoof or four
As a certain goat, with two great horns
Sat with his hairy ear to the wall.
And as he listened
He heard it,
He truly, truly did,
He heard it
With his ear to the wall
He heard it
Yes he did.

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The Rainy Sunday

NB: THIS IS REALLY LONG! REALLYYYyyy long! It very late when I finish poem story so if anyone see any mistakes please tell me ok.

The Rainy Sunday

In the Kingdom of Bedroom
Sometime around lunch,
It was a dark and cloudy Sunday,
As Sundays sometimes are…
And a little bear named Paw Print
Watched out the window far,
And as he watched he heard a sound
A sound that was beginning to get loud

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The Trial of Sinister Quacky Eyes

This is the second and final part of the Sinister Quacky Eyes story. You can read the first part, The Missing TV Controller on this blog also!

Part 2

The Trial of Sinister Quacky Eyes,

It was around noon
When the train arrived
The Kingdom of Bedroom
Was a sunny delight
Her Royal Highness
Princess Nom Nom Booksitting Bagsleeping Fattycat Swishy Tail the First
Sat in the sun
On her throne bed of course.

She looked down,
As wooden train arrived,
At first she happy
Excited perhaps…
But she made a face,
As she saw Sinister Quacky Eyes…
“Another bird”
she muttered,
Quietly under her breath
She sighed as it stopped
At chest of draws station.

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The Daily Life of Dr Captain Lucia!

(Image heavy, so please click read more to see all the pictures, if you are reading this on my main page)

NB: My friend Lucia and I wrote this together! I had to stay with Lucia after the Christchurch Earthquake made me homeless for a while, My friend Lucia HATES cheese, which I always think is funny, Lucia and I took turns drawing the pictures, Lucias are the cool looking neat ones! I hope you all enjoy it!

Please feel free to leave comments! and enjoy my first ever illustrated story!

The Daily Life of Dr. Captain Lucia!

Click each picture to make it large, and use the back button on your browser to go back to the images.

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The Missing TV Controller.

NB: The first part of the Sinister Quacky Eyes story titled The missing TV Controller, Part 2 The Trial of Sinister Quacky Eyes can also be read on this blog

Part 1:

The Missing TV Controller

It was a typical night in MattyLand
As everyone slept sound
That is almost everyone
Not Zorrobear of course…
As it was his job, his mission
To protect all citizens from danger
While accompanied by growler the dragon,
He was as wide awake as ever.

He was on a case,
One he had been following for days.
For there was a super villian in town,
Or so the rumor  says.
A very sinister type
One with quacky eyes
A duck who carried a bag
A bright yellow one of course.
A duck…
Who just happened to be named
Sinister Quacky Eyes
Who would have thought? aye?

What this duck had actually done
No one really knows…
Some say he stole SantaPuppys blocks
Right from his magical truck…
Others say he said mean things
But it was one that made Zorrobear twitch
A certain rumor from a snoring sheep
That Sinister Quacky Eyes…
Had control of the TV.

Now for those that don’t really understand,
In MattyLand the TV is a sacred thing
And its controlled by a black controller with buttons
And all the citizens watch it quite often
But it had been 2 days since it was last on,
Which gave credibility to the rumor
That the snoring sheep had snored…

So Zorrobear, with his mighty black hat,
His wonderful cape, the inside red
With his leather booties
His leather paw gloves
Flew with growler
To end this mission once and for all.
And it was in New Bookshelf,
A rather barren place
That Sinister Quacky Eyes,
Was discovered and trapped.

Zorrobear confronted,
The Sinister Duck
Who did indeed have quacky Eyes
Which was quite expected of a duck.
He spoke one word at a time,
Well sometimes he spoke to…
For afterall…
Thats what a Zorrobear has to do.

Am here….
To arrest,
Sinister Quacky Eyes
For Many
Many Crimes,
For being…
Quacky Eyes
For  controlling
The TV
For being..

Sinister Quacky Eyes,
Just looked back
Its not my fault,
See this tag?!
Its how I was Made,
I wasn’t born this way….
Please, let me be…

But Zorrobear would have none,
He was determined to do good,
And the duck was quickly caught
Tied up with the lace of a shoe.
He and growler,
Carried him back,
And to wooden block train station…
He was taken rather quick.

When he was there,
And Wooden Block Station,
A part of the train was immediately prepared,
He was placed upon letters,
L, M, N, O, P, Q and of course as you may expect
The letter S was there to.

He was fully visible
A real live villain to see
So many had come,
Amazed as can be.
They whispered to each other
That he was rather Sinister,
That he had Quacky Eyes
And he was guilty as ever.

So that is the story,
Of Zorrobear and growler
A missing TV controller,
A snoring sheep or other…
But it is not end,
Oh no, not at all,
So please stay tuned
For theres trial to be held.


Mac Doug and Keri-Anne, The Blocked Road,

NB: For Garry225, and Mac :)!

It started to rain on Sunday morning,
At that time it was just a little
But by Sunday night it hadn’t stopped.
Then By Monday it was raining harder
By tuesday there was thunder to..
And the air had a nasty chill.
Then by Wednesday everything was slippery
And the dirt was all mushy to…

But all of that,
Was not as bad
For when Thursday came,
People got mad~
For the rocks on the hill,
That were usually quiet
Had slipped down in the mud
And made everyone grumpy.

They were now on the road,
And the cars couldn’t pass,
There was lots of beeping horns,
and they trailed back for miles!

Lots of people gathered,
All around in wonder
Thinking how to fix
This terrible disaster.

But it was a small boy
Who had the idea!
As he shouted up to all the grownups
There was silence in the air
“Why don’t we get a digger!”
He said, with a smile,
“Dougs a great Digger, and Mr Mac could help us!

Doug was a digger, that Mr Mac had
And the boy knew of doug
When he had come to his school.

The grownups all nodded,
It was really a great idea!
A digger could pick up the rocks
And they could move them far away.

So they called Mac,
And soon he had come,
He was with Keri-Anne,
His really big truck
He wore a hard hat
Cause thats what you do
When around machines
Bigger than you!

The people were so happy
To see them show up
And Mac, Keri-Anne
Soon let Doug out

He was not very big,
But he was very strong
And it didn’t take long!
Till all the rocks were gone,
All those in there cars
Had come out to watch,
As Doug with a smile
Moved them all the rocks aside.

And as he did,
There was a cheer so loud!
As Doug finished up
The rain stopped as well.
It really was a happy end
To what was a miserable day,

Then slowly as the people,
Returned to their cars
Passing by they said thanks
To Mac, Keri-Anne and Doug.

But also of course,
They didn’t forget
The smart little boy
Whos idea it had been.

And that is how
The road got cleared
And why Mac goes to schools
To teach them about his machines.
so that when another road
Ever gets blocked
They know who to call
So it can be fixed right up!

The invasion of the Clucks…

NB: The chickens next door marched the fence, my kitty Princess Nom Nom Booksitting Bagsleeping Fattycat SwishyTail the First was worrying. But she knows good friends in MattyLand to help her through the worry.

The Invasion of the Clucks

It was a calm Thursday
As Thursdays often are
And Princess Nom Nom Booksitting Bagsleeping Fattycat SwishyTail the First
Sat upon her throne
By a window in the sun…
In the Kingdom of Bedroom
her wonderful home,
And it was such a wonderful place
Especially when it was calm,
And sun beats down..

At least… it was calm…
Until a sound could be heard
It was ever so quiet…
But loud enough… to make ears perk.
It was only once,
But once was enough…
For her Royal Highness,
Was alert to the sound…
Her head went left
Then quickly to the right
She looked around, and around…
Trying to figure it out…
Then it happened again,
That sound…
Only this time in was three times as loud!!!
Cluck!, Cluck!, Cluck!!!
And then she saw it…
Something beyond her dreams
An assortment of birds
Bigger than she would ever be!!
They were all golden brown,
And looked fierce and strong
Some wore red head pieces
And others marched back and forth…
Exactly… like soldiers would.

There was only one explanation
At least to her mind,
There was going to be an invasion.
Her heart began to pound.

What was she to do,
A lone princess in her kingdom,
She had to seek aid…
From Mattyland this instant.
She ran to Mayor Big Ted
She made her plea

“Please giant bear
Please save me!”

He listened, quietly
He nodded his head.
This did indeed sound bad
Soldiers at the fence.

“Do not worry,”

He said rather calm

“I have a plan!
And I won’t let you down!
We will raise an army,
We will load up with bread crumbs!
We will march to the fence
We will drive them back!”

“Thank you!”
Said the Princess Cat!
With a grin on her face
As she heard the plan

“We shall take out those marchers
Before they  invade!
We will drive them back!
We will definitely win!”

She returned to her Kingdom
To her wonderful throne
She sat on watch
As they marched the wall.
“Cluck, Cluck”
They often went,
As the marched moving their heads.

Then finally,
As the afternoon turned to night
Mayor Big Ted, had at last arrived

With him he had an army of critters,
Some big and some small
Elephants, Giraffes, even a Kiwi had shown
And then behind them, MattyLands Monarch appeared
Hugsie the Snuggle bunny showed.
The three foot tall queen!

“Do not worry,
Our Princess Friend,
We shall march to the wall,
We shall drive them back!”

It had begun
As they headed to the fence
Princess Nom Nom followed last
Alert but in fear
As they reached the fence.
The threat was made clear
For the fence rattled!!
To the noise that was there
Came from the other side
But Mayor Big Ted would not back down in fear!


He shouted
Ever so loud.
The bread crumbs went over,
Far over the fence
The sound of panic followed
As the Clucking disappeared
Then the scratching sound,
As the ground began to shake

“They are running!”

Said the Princess,

As Mayor Big Ted and friends cheered!
It was safe to say
That the Kingdom had been saved
There would be no invasion
From cluck’s this day.

We don’t know how long…
It will be till they return
But rest assured when they do
Certain ears will perk.

And that is the story
Of how Princess Nom Nom came close
To having the Kingdom of Bedroom
Invaded by the clucks.

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