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We all have words
A special way of talking
Some of us write poetry
Others make jewelry!

Some people can paint,
Or Design a car!
Some can even Sew dresses!
Or just care for others!

These words of ours,
Are so very special.
There are so many ways
We can speak about our journeys.


The Sickness

NB: I love you Helen and Lucia, I hope you both get fully better soon! I thought this would make you both smile.
I Hope others enjoy it and giggle too!

If anyone spots any mistakes let me know in the comments below so I can fix them.

The Sickness

It all started with a cough
And from the nose a sniffle or two.
As Queen Helen from Fort Goat
Shivered rather blue,
To all around her it was obvious
But it was from Prince Epic Possibly a Moose
That at last she was told so bluntly..
A very icky truth.

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That Dream

NB: A haiku, I don’t usually write Haiku’s

That Dream

He who dreamed loudly
Dreamed a dream so wonderful
That life became dull.

The Hopaclypse been!

NB: You pronounce it Hop-a–clips!!

I just felt an aftershock earthquake, so it must be a reminder that the easter bunnys just come.

The Hopaclypse Been!

There had been some terrible shaking,
And inside the houses, things were a mess…
It was easter of course, so it was to be expected,
For we all know thats when the Hopaclypse happens.

And at last when the Hopaclypse had come and gone
People went outside to check all around
And it was obvious to all who looked about,
The landscape was littered in foot prints
All bunny shaped of course.

There was many broken trees and fences
Yet amazingly no ones home was dented,
They had survived such a terrifying night
When the easter bunny hopped
Around the world in delight

The evidence of his coming was very clear,
Not just bunny shaped foot prints either…
There is large giant chocolate stains, left and right…
Possibly from a huge chocolate bar he carries while he jumps,
The children however don’t seem to mind,
Chocolate I guess is wonderful,
No matter the kind.

But the night was not yet over,
Oh no…
There was still many hours left to go!
And as a constant reminder of what had just been
Afterstomps shook the ground,
As he continued his journey.

As scary as it may seem to some
From Blocktopia, the Blocktropolis
To Lord Pig Pigalot’s Kingdom of Pigglylot
One can’t help but look in awe
At how this 300 or more, foot tall bunny
Can hop around the world.

And we must be thankful,
Yes we must,
That he leaves so much chocolate about!
For his stains are so big, for he is rather tall!
That we can make chocolate eggs,
And live off chocolate for days to come.

So despite the bad,
That happens every year
I think I can put up with the bunny scare.

Now please excuse me
While I take a break,
I must inspect some chocolate stains…
And ummmm…. maybe taste.

The Hopaclypse

NB: The hopaclypse, an event common during easter due to the clumsy and excited nature of the easter bunny… who happens to be 300 feet tall.

The Hopaclypse coming!

That time of year was fast approaching,
There was just a few more sleeps to go…
All inside the Blocktropolis, Blocktopia
Were nervous of the days to come.

They had survived so much,
In the recent years…
Attacks from the Catzilla for one!
They had even survived the Earthquack of Feburary!
They were a brave bunch!

But they had heard the rumors…
They shut their doors,
They boarded up their windows.
In fear they were

For what was coming,
Was a deadly creature,
It was the Easter Bunny
Foot tall

They called his coming the Hopaclypse,
The darkest day of the year
The day where anything goes…
As the easter bunny travels the globe

The danger comes from the hopping,
Thus the name the Hopaclypse you see
The easter bunny just doesn’t watch
Where the hops are going to go and be.

They usually start off small
As all bunny hops tend to do,
But somewhere in there excitement grows
And then hops just go out of control!
Next you know theres cities in smoke
Rubble across the world around!
To make matters worse the easter bunnys clumsy
and trips all over the show…
This of course creates afterstomps
As bad as a deadly Earthquack or two!

So Blocktopia is not alone
In the fear of which it lives
At least soon easter will be over
And the bunny will go back to sleep.

But if theres anything to learn from Blocktopia
The greatest Blocktropolis of them all…
Its that we should be weary,
Each year the hopaclypse is close!

If I had a tail

NB: Well… this poem speaks for itself!

If I had a tail!

If I had a tail
I would be so very glad
I would always show it off
And flick it on things when I’m mad

If I had a tail
I would always swish it in circles
Up and down, left to right
Others would glare so ever envious!

If I had a tail,
I would be so proud
I would chase when I was bored
And rub it on everything around!

If I had tail
Life would be great
Why I wasn’t born with one..
Still baffles me today.

The Morning Routine

Commissioned Inquiry into Missing Treasury Funds
by the ZorroBear Intelligence Agency
(Where theres crime theres ZorroBear) 

NB: The Morning Routine of Her Royal Highness the leader of the Kingdom of Bedroom

Then Morning Routine

The day Always begins the same
Whether sunny, cloudy or stormy rain
This is Her Highness the Princess Kitty Cat’s day
Thats Princess Nom Nom, Booksitting, Bagsleeping, Fattycat, Swishy Tail the first

She usually stands up with a stretch and then follows it
With a MRrrroooowwwww or two.
This is followed by a run around the lands
After all being healthy is a must and exercise is grand.

She will run from the Kingdom of Bedroom, all the way to MattyLand,
She will then run back and make sure shes all stretched!
Of course running over anything in her way,
She is a Princess and the world must wait for her.
The only problem is this includes the tummy’s of any citizens
Including Matty who is usually still sleeping.

If Matty, one of the ruling monarchs of MattyLand has still not awoken for the morning
Then desperate measures are usually called upon,
This usually includes standing on his tummy,
Walking around in a circle
Kneeding on the blanket closes to his head,
And of course poking his  face with a very wet nose.

And just in case you are unaware,
Wet nose poking and head rubbing…
Is an honor to Recieve from a Princess Kitty,
Very few do.

If the great ruling Monarch of MattyLand awakes,
The Princess and leader of the Kingdom of Bedroom then proceeds with royal greetings
MMrrroooowwwwww is usually heard often,
This is sometimes followed by MEEERRRROOOWWWWW
And sometimes MMmmmeeeoooowwwwww
Although they may seem all the same to some,
These are in fact very different greetings,
So different that replying can be tricky.

After Royal Greetings have been spoken,
Her Royal Highness usually stands in the Royal Doorway
That is the great gate to the great Kingdom of Bedroom of course,
Just outside the great gate is known as the Royal Treasury,
Both great Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Bedroom and MattyLand share this treasury,
So before anything can be taken from the great treasury both leaders need to be present.

What usually follows is a very tiring act, but one that must be done.
Matty of MattyLand usually stumbles very tiredly and rubs his eyes to the great gate,
Passing then into the Royal Treasury,
Depending on the time of day the lights are then turned on.

At this very moment an argument usually follows,
There is many exchanges of MRrroowwwws
and Meeeoowwwsss
The Ruling Monarch of MattyLand usually replies
Don’t MRRrrrroooowwww at me I will Mrrooowww at you,
and usually something about how she is a fattycat gets said.

However after much debate over treasury allocations,
A royal tribute from the treasury is finally offered to Her Highness
It gets placed into the purple alter,
Where it is then collected by Her Highness at a usually fast pace.
Another tribute of royal water is also offered, however not always touched…
This is because Royalty prefers drinking right from dripping taps.

After the treasury allocations are gathered,
Her Highness then proceeds to pound on the great portal,
This is the portal to the vast lands surrounding MattyLand,
Once the portal is opened, usually by aid of Matty flicking a switch.

It is unknown where she goes from there,
However it is believed that she frequently visits Lord Pig Pigalot from Pigglylot
To consult on the threat of Pirate Zebras… and maybe plotting war.
However we can’t just go off accusations… that would be rude…

It should also be noted!
That this routine can begin from anywhere between 2am and 10am,
and that it is structure to change based on environmental factors.

Also Meeeooowwwww

Scientific Circles

NB: Someone asked me today why I go in circles all the times, I like to twirl and run in circles. Circles are cool. This is my answer.

Scientific Circles!

I will base my life around a theory,
A theory I know is true,
that if I run around in circles,
I will time travel back a year or two,
The only flaw to all of this,
And its one I will fix one day,
Is running in circles makes me dizzy,
So I end up running the other way…
Of course this puts me back,
Right back to where I started…
But rest assured that I am working hard,
Making Scientific circles wherever possible!
And soon, I promise there will be a solution!
A solution to this time travelling debacle.

Its raining, its pouring….

Its raining
Its pouring
My kitty’s not snoring…
Shes running in circles,
Meowing at the door,
Pushing things off the table,
Tipping over her bowls…
Shes being a grumpy butt!
A crazy kitty cat!!
I can’t believe shes not sleeping…
Shes usually good at that.

Did you know that I’m a kitty cat?

Did you know that I’m a kitty cat?

Did you know that I’m a kitty cat
I do kitty things cause I was made like that!!
I use door frames to scratch my neck
And the rug is great for itchy backs

Did you know that I’m a kitty cat
I do kitty things cause I was made like that!!
I jump on tables to push things off
Because things being high makes no sense at all

Did you know that I’m a kitty cat
I do kitty things cause I was made like that!!
I twitch my ears to show I listen
So that I don’t need move because I’m a super lazy kitty

Did you know that I’m a kitty cat
I do kitty things cause I was made like that!!
I sleep all morning, afternoon and night
Cause when I was born it was my birthright

Did you know that I’m a kitty cat
I do kitty things cause I was made like that!!
There is lots of different things that I like to do
and if you were a kitty you could do them to

Also Meow.

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