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With the flick of a tongue
The stroke of a pen
From the top of a mountain
To a castle or den
With the shut of the eyes
And a long drawn breath
Our words take us anywhere,
A marvelous gift.


The Last Days – Contemplating the end

Come my friends, from the lands that you roam, with stories of old, when monsters were stalled and dragons fell in epic battles long, through deception, corruption, betrayal and honor.

Come gather and sit as the fire flickers blue and speak of times past, before your gone too. Faded to memory like the flames burning cold. Speak the stories that man will crave when the order is gone.

As the battle outside rages accept the storm has come and gone, know that soon it will be our time to fall, as we face our last days and will see the end to it all, as the old guard is rapidly aging. Remember heroes of old in the battles we fought, the demons we stood to when fear had taken hold, the people we saved when evil was near.

Remember the healers, the warriors that mages, the men… Remember the faeries, the gnomes, the halfling and lizard men . Remember all the blood that your swords dripped in pain, remember the innocent whose lives you saved.

Shed tears for your brothers you lost on the way, your sisters who vanished without a whisper of why or when. Remember the quest you first took that cold winters day, the one that started your adventure to pain.

Then cry as you remember those horrors you sustained, as the world around you slowly decayed and then bow your head in the tears you have made as everything around you has long since changed.

Come my friends from the lands that you roamed, speak your last journeys before you are gone, of the monsters you defeated and the dragons you slayed. Of the days you were used and the revenge that you craved.

Then as you finish to the fire gone told, as you say goodbye to the friends you hold close, shut the book at last for the days have since gone, and look around you to see that all you spoken has past.

Then stand so quietly to the silent day, to not look back just step away… to walk forward proud of all that you have done, as at last through age the time has come.


I do not wish to be here
No longer do I feel safe
I am tired, alone and afraid,
With eyes sore from tears for days,
I feel Abandoned… forgotten
By those who should have stayed.
I do not understand,
It doesn’t make sense.

How and why are questions that I cry…
Logic seems to have long sine past,
My name… it feels long since dead…
Its lost in a system,
A game of numbers, figures
Fingers pointing down lists…
Randomly selecting who should be saved…
Or so it feels as the days last years,

Soon I pray…
But I do not hold my breath,
That someone remembers me,
Before I slowly fade…