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Hello everyone!!!!!  I have a new website and a new design 🙂 Please let me know what you all think, and hope you all continue to keep reading!!





I really can’t believe it,
I truly, really can’t
After many years of trying,
Many years wishing loud!
I finally have a tail
And I am very proud!

I really couldn’t believe it
When my tail showed up!
Now I can show it off to everyone!
Flick it on things when I’m mad!
I can even swish it in circles,
Even get it stuck under the bed!

I have a tail
And I love it very much!
I can chase it when I’m bored,
Rub it on everything around!

Its just like my kitty’s
Which makes it even neater!
We have lots of things in common
But our tails are the bestest!

Rest soundly and peacefully Deborah Kasumaj

Deborah Kasumaj, a friend only known online and in passing, lost her battle to cancer at 10:45am eastern, also known as  Diva Benoir virtually she was a very beautiful soul, person, being and full of such love and energy that you could only smile at her presence.

Someone I knew only in passing,
But who had a soul of pure love,
Has finally past into the next…
To await those she left behind.
I shed a tear not for her loss,
For I know that we will see her in time,
But for the reason she was taken young…
And her soul had years to go.
I know inside that life goes on,
and I hope my friends can brave this storm…
Dear Deborah also known as Diva
We will surely feel your loss.

At last may you rest
At peace from pain
Our dear friend and warrior
We shall meet again.

The different bear

NB: I know this is badly written, but I was very sad when I wrote this… I am not sure what kind of poem this is so I will just put it in other poems. If any of you have a better idea what category to put it in let me know!

The Different Bear

There once was a teddy bear who was different
Some would say he was rather weird!
He acted different to the other teddies…
He liked things that they thought were strange.

The other teddies use to laugh at him
They would say mean words and call him names.
They never use to talk with him…
So he was very lonely most days.

All he wanted was a friend,
And he didn’t understand at all,
Why do these teddies not like him?
He is always nice to them all…

He tried to change it by acting different,
But it just didn’t work
He found himself uncomfortable,
And just didn’t feel himself

Then he tried saying nice words,
Telling them really nice things…
But the other teddy bears just ignored him.
And it did not seem to help a bit.

He even tried by giving gifts
To make them play with him more,
But they would just take them all
And not even say thank you once.

Next he tried by sharing his lunch
But they would just eat it all
Then he would get so very hungry
And be sad even more…

It seemed that no matter what he did
Nothing seemed to work
They just didn’t want to be his friend
But to him there was no explanation.

Why do they not like  me?
He thought to himself…
Was it cause I did something wrong?
I have always have tried to be a good teddy,
I have always followed the rules.

What the sad teddy bear didn’t know
Was that he was acting different…
Or at least different to the other bears he was,
To himself he was acting normal.
He liked to dress up in pretty things
Or as animals or super heroes!
He liked to wear bows and pretty ribbons,
Even dresses and silly hats.

The other teddy bears thought this was wrong
“Boy bears shouldn’t wear those things” they said
So they decided he was very bad,
Without even getting to know him.

So after trying so many times,
The different bear decided he had tried to much…
He stopped trying to make friends
And he began to be himself…

Playing with any toy he wished,
Dressing up in fun things,
Not paying attention to what others said
Because he just wanted to be a happy bear…

One day when he was older,
A new teddy bear came to visit
It didn’t think like the other teddy bears,
It was a very pretty girl bear!

She went over to him and asked to play!
His eyes went wide, excited and bright!
He showed the girl bear all the toys!
And they played happily for the entire day!

That night the different bear went to sleep,
And he smiled so very, very big
He said to himself so loudly to himself
“There is a bear out there for everyone,
Sometimes you just have to wait.”

Just another day!

NB: Happy Mummys Day

Today is just another day
The same as yesterday
Tomorrow, the next day.

And as another day,
The same rules apply…
Those laws you should be following everyday of your life!

Show those around you, you love them so,
Care for others, even strangers you don’t know!
Respect whats around you, and take only what you need,

But most of all, and you must believe me…
Cast no judgement on others, no ignorance to different
Be yourself always, no matter what struggles.

Happy Mummys Day :)!!


We all have words
A special way of talking
Some of us write poetry
Others make jewelry!

Some people can paint,
Or Design a car!
Some can even Sew dresses!
Or just care for others!

These words of ours,
Are so very special.
There are so many ways
We can speak about our journeys.

I won’t be publishing any books, but keep reading my blog!

So, here is my bad news for you all, and I hope your ok with it.

Because no one was able to help me find an artist for Earthquack story or any of my other stories, and no one was able to help me figure out how to self publish. I am giving up on it for now 🙂 It is my dream to have some books one day, but currently without help thats not possible. I am getting very depressed having emails unreplied to, having people tell me things that make me very hopeful only to have nothing come from them and most of all very upset with having people say they will help but not be able to.

Not naming anyone in particular :)! So no one feel bad ok! I have emailed 100s of people trying to get help to do this but I couldn’t. Its my fault anyway, because I can’t draw.

So since its become frustrating and exhausting and I am getting mouth sores from getting upset and grumpy all the time. I think giving up is healthiest thing to do.

I hope everyone is ok with that :)! Maybe one day I will try again, But sadly without an artist/illustrator its just to hard.

I do have hopes for one story that I never put on my blog, that my best friend in Alaska who has many goats is working on for me! If she is able to finish the illustrations and mail them to me I will work on getting that into a book, but I will wait for her to finish in her own time 🙂 and just keep writing as I use to for now.


Especially those who have been buying my poems online.


Always Waiting

NB: This is a very old poem of mine, I am moving out of my void folder, Always waiting.

Always Waiting

I sit at this empty table, waiting for my angel.
I know that she will not come, so why do I sit and wait?
Time is slowly moving against me, perhaps I should move on with life?
No, what if she comes while I leave?
I must stay… just in case.
So here I sit, at this empty table…
Waiting for this angel.
But I know that she will not come, so why do I sit and wait?
This empty table… alone and cold, my eyes in ache for sleep.
With tears and silence creeping in…
I  will wait our my days.

The Sickness

NB: I love you Helen and Lucia, I hope you both get fully better soon! I thought this would make you both smile.
I Hope others enjoy it and giggle too!

If anyone spots any mistakes let me know in the comments below so I can fix them.

The Sickness

It all started with a cough
And from the nose a sniffle or two.
As Queen Helen from Fort Goat
Shivered rather blue,
To all around her it was obvious
But it was from Prince Epic Possibly a Moose
That at last she was told so bluntly..
A very icky truth.

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