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What you are

You are  the sun that warms my heart
The Being  of which my world revolves
The star which shines when all others fade
The light which guides me everyday
You are  one which brings me hope
The one who brings me smiles
The Only one for whom I will give my life for

Special one I will cherish forever
Promise forever to remember
and I shall make the same
Never Break this please
My promises to will last forever
Keep my words cloes to your heart
Love forever, your dearest friend

NB: I hid a message within this poem, you can see it by reading the first two words of each line going downwards.

You are
The Being
The star
The light
You are
The one
The Only
Special one
Promise forever
and I
Never Break
My promises
Keep my
Love forever

NB: I know its a bit messy but I thought it was neat.


Hehe, My Friend Laura

NB: Laura emails me a lot so I probably write her more poems than I do anyone else, would be nice if someone else emailed me to!

– Never could I have imagined! ~

How blessed I am
To have met such an artist
Creator of magnificence
And Beauty so inspiring.

I pray she keeps crafting
Forever and a day
No matter whats said
Her works blow me away

Without flaw they are made
With heart and soul put together
Stitched to perfection
With love and devotion

Not only does she create
She brings me warmth and smiles
Never could I have imagined
I would have meet my friend Laura

The Internet

There is a place that is so special,
A place thats home for me,
Where I can feel safe each night,
Receive the hugs I need.

There is a place where I can smile,
A place where I can be me,
Where judgment is all but lost,
As friends are always surrounding me.

Through the bad I know they are there,
Through the good I have people to share.
There is a place that is so special…
So special its hard to leave.

For Laura – You and Me share a Bond

You and me share a bond
A heart so kind worth more than gold
We help those we see so sad
Protect those who cannot stand

You and me share a bond
Where we must embrace the horrors of war
Nurture those so shaken cold
Cradle the innocent so torn old

You and me share a bond
And we must remember to stay strong
For if we let ourselves come to tears
How will we help those with broken wings.

In the Land of the Never Night

NB: I wrote this sad that one day I would not see the night sky, I love the sky, I like taking pictures of the sky and I love to dream. I imagined what someone would say if they grew up never knowing the night sky. Never knowing darkness. They would probably like it and the idea of night time would be scary, yet at the same time they may find it wondrous, that things could be different, but like me… not like change. I am afraid of the dark to, even though the sky is beautiful.

In the Land of the Never Night

In confusion we people lay,
Lost in what is night and day.
The clouds always seen up high,
The streets always lit and bright
The world always awake and wide.

This is what is the Never-Night.

They say the stars were once up high…
Can you believe that? little lights in a sky?

Oh how extravagant, you think it’s true?
Through a blanket of darkness sounds scary mind you.

Not knowing what is down that road,
Now knowing who said what and so

What a fearful world that would be…
Maybe the Never-Night is the world for me?

Sorry dear sky, little lights so bright,
If you are real or false goodnight.
I will never question to if you are there.

I think I prefer to see who is there, what is where.
Without that unknown fear.

Full of lights and visable sights…
That one dark blanket is enough of a fright.

I will live forever in this lasting light,
Forever in the Never-Night.

The poems I wrote for a special friend

NB: Theres always been one person I have been able to count on, time and time again this angel kept fluttering her wings and looking over my shoulder, she was one of the most important people when I was trapped in a downward spiral, spinning confused and lost.

Yet at the same time, this wonderful friend was just a word on a screen, so I found it hard to thank them for all they had done. So when it came time I though that the only way to appropriately thank a magical warm love filled word, was with words that express how If elt for them. I wrote a very messy poem, but I wrote it with tears, I can’t remember how or in what order it actually went but I am guessing this is right.

This is it!

To my favorite Auntie
The only one I know
I hope this shows to you I care
and that you mean so much
Keep fluttering like an angel
Keep hugging me so warm
And when your sad read this
And remember your so loved

You are so close to my heart
For all you have done I owe so much
You can given me so much love
I cannot repay all your done
but I thought in words I will try
Do not forget your an angel
One that has helped me so much

I don’t know how…
Don’t know why…
You fluttered deep into my life
But thus it changed from freezing ice
Into a tropical paradise
You give me warmth
Became my family
Opened your arms so wide

You let me wonder into your life to
Supported me through the dark
Listened to all my troubles deep
Hugged me when I couldn’t sleep
Wiped my tears when I have cried
Told me things would be alright
Tucked me in with a smile warm
As you sent me to bed each night.

I guess what I am trying to say
In words simple and plain
Is that I love you so very much
More than these words can explain
I hope you never stop being you
Only change because you want to
That you keep being wonderful

Love Baby *smiles*

I could never ask for more!

You are a light burning bright,
The guiding star in the darkest night
A becon that guides me home
The signal that there is always hope
Forever in my heart you dwell
Reminding me I am not alone
An angel on my shoulder
I could never ask for more.

My Dream of home

My dream of home.

Where is home? Well, I do not know…
Sometimes I dream of one though,
I imagine it to be so warm,
A place love and peace.

On the inside I see it bright,
Full of colors that hug me tight,
Rooms so snug they make me smile,
So beautiful they will be awe inspiring.

Around my home it shall be safe,
So memories can be put away,
Full of things so gentle and soft…
I will dream like in the days I lost

As for gardens? Lush and green,
So welcoming, and it will be so clean,
My door will be large and laced in gold,
All my friends will be welcomed old,

It need not be grand
As I have dreamed
For no matter its looks
It will be special to me

So where is my home?
I do not know…
But when I find it I will know,
I hope one day I find one though…

To Abraca

NB: I don’t remember writing this! It was in my drafts, its my one of my bestest friends Abraca

To my dearest bestest friend
Thank you for all you done for me
I owe so much for all that love
For all that care and hope
This world would be a scary place
Without your loving touch
So to you I want to say
Thank you so so much
And remember no matter what I say
If I get sad or Mad
I always always love you
From your dear friend

You Always Have a Home

To my dearest friend
You are so far away
I know your on a journey
An adventure to an unknown place

If you find yourself alone
Scared frozen to every bone
Remember my thoughts are with you,
And that you always have a home

So please return one day
We will wait for you
Not ask questions about where your bean
Just accept you and be thankful.

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