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Happiness is not a dream.

Happiness is not a dream
It can truly be achieved
Just open your eyes and see
How beautiful this world can be
Full of wonder and excitement
Miracles of the unexplained
Creatures big and creatures small
Created for a purpose and awe
If a tree can learn to drop leaves
How can they say happiness is a dream
We just have to look and see
How wonderful this world can be.


This world was Closed

NB: Written for my friend Laura at the end of an Email.

Long ago this world was closed
Our friends were all close by

But now just look how far we can be
Worlds away but seconds apart

We are truly gifted
To be living in this age

And because of people like you
I would have it no other way


Just a call
Perhaps a letter
Even just a hello
From a friend
An aquaintence
Even just a stranger
It makes a difference
They wouldn’t know
Sometimes it keeps me breathing
As I sit here
In the dark
Always, Always waiting…

We should thank the shoe laces,
Oh yes we truly should!
They save us every day
National heroes don’t you know?
You see those shoes are alive
Totally evil and corrupt
Its cause they have no heart…
Strange creatures that they are

You see it is like this
Shoes really want us for lunch!
They have eyes, mouths and tongues
And most of all they have soles!

Always watching they are
Hoping to eat our feet for lunch
So how did these crazy creatures
End up on our feet at last?

It began with an idea
To tame the shoe to wear
But just how do you tame a beast?
As wild as a bear?

The answer came in a lace
A drawstring of sorts
And to weave it through the eyes
So they couldn’t tell us apart

But how this idea came to be
Is a kind of mystery
It began when a man
Had his foot viciously attacked

The shoe jump and bit,
He yelled and shook his good!
He took a sack of coins
And took the drawstring off!

In all the pain he was
He weaved it through the eyes
And suddenly the shoe let loose
Yet he thought this was nice.

He said this felt warm
Comfy and snugg.
He jumped up and down
And smiled oh so much.

It seems without their eyes
Shoes could not see
If they couldn’t see
Shoes couldn’t bite!

And thats how we got our shoes
But take a warning or two
If your walking in the street,
And your laces come undone
If you don’t tie em’ up
Your feet could be lunch.

My life is oh so hard

NB: My silly kitty

My life is oh so hard
Laying in this chair
Every now and then I yawn
And slowly stretch my back
Why is life so complicated?
Always waiting for a scratch
My food isn’t always there either
They have no idea…
Humans have such an easy life
They don’t understand us cats

Prayer for Qualities

NB: I don’t believe in god, this is written for a friend via request for him to say in Church. I post in here and hope with all my heart that if it is requoted 🙂 it is credited to this site, perhaps it will mean something to someone else 🙂


Grant me strength to face what I cannot
Courage to face what I can

Honor to admit my flaws
Stamina to overcome them all

Wisdom to know right from wrong
Intellignce to make the right choice

My 100th post :) A Poem for Autism Awareness Day

Today is Autism Awareness day, and I thought I would write something for it. Autism is not a problem, it is who I am. I notice I am different sometimes, then other times I think everyone else is just crazy. I think it changes how I look at the world, perhaps how the world looks at me… but deep down I think it just defines me.

Staring out the window
Confused and lost in dreams
Trying to understand
How did I come to be

This world just is so confusing
Always dark and Grey
Why don’t they paint things pretty?
How come they do not play?

I don’t think I belong
Things seem so out of place
Those people like loud music
And those people pierce their face

Why can’t I understand
This world that is so strange
Everything out of order
So many things out of place

So staring out the window
I decided to stay in dreams
Where things are so simple
And make sense to me.

:) I am who I am

NB: This is a horrible poem, but I want people to know, that I don’t like being told what I like or dislike based on being from New Zealand. I hate sport, I don’t think I’m better than everyone else (as a lot of New Zealanders do) I don’t think NZ is the best  country in the world, actually we have a lot of flaws to work through. I don’t feel safe, this country isn’t as safe as we make ourselves out to be. Most of all this country isn’t clean and green. Its horrible and mostly filthy. I also don’t hate Australians either. And as much as the media like s to make it out. I am not in competition with anyone or the rest of the world.

I am who I am
Influenced by where I am
But not determined or shaped by it
Experiences speak louder,
Than where it is I’m born
To decide my likes and dislikes
Without listening to my words
Is just as horrible as slander
Racism of another form
Don’t call me a kiwi, Instead call me a human.
I am no bird, nor a fruit
I am who I am.
Walking my own path,
With stories yet shared.

End of rant 🙂

The Soft Kitty Song from Big Bang Theory is real.

I think I am tired of the credit of such a wonderful children’s song not being given to the Author.

The song I talk about is Soft Kitty, well childrens song at least. Its constantly referenced on one of my favorite shows Big Bang Theory, and I get upset that they have not once given credit to the authors, leading people to believe the song is completely made up by the writers of the show.

This however is wrong.

The song is a wonderful song that was written and authorized in a book titled Songs for the Nursery by Laura Pendleton MacCarteney and carries a Copyright by Willis Music Co  1937.

It was republished in the 1950’s (or so I believe) and thanks to the Australian National Library you can find that online for free. The Soft Kitty song is actually called “Warm Kitty” and can be found on page 21. Despite the lyrical difference the tune remains the same and its quiet possibly someone working on the show remembers this from child-hood.

The tune remains the same and is a wonderful adaption of an english folk some and has been composed by Edith Newlin

So for everyone who ends up here from a search engine, here is your answer! I am tired of being asked, and correcting people!

Enjoy Big Bang Theory its a great show and interesting, we talk about it a lot in one of the Autism Support Groups I goto! Its a wonderful show where theres less drama and more the daily lives of these quirky friends.