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Lost hope

If I had millions of dollars
Just one wish that could be made
It would be to change the minds,
Of the men in suits, who decide our fate.

This world I love feels sad,
As I stare out to that distant land,
Tears shed from my eyes…
And not because I am attatched.

But because the friendships I have made,
The time that I have put away,
Memories that I have made…
Will be valued less than dirt when weighed,

We have been abandoned,
By those of whom we placed our trust,
And as those around us fade…
I pray We will finally wake up in pain.

Then maybe things will change,
So it won’t have to be this way,
Only time will tell
If wishes can be made.


Curse a writers mind!

NB: Hehehe in writing anythings possible

I wish to be an ice cream cone
Operating a hot air balloon
One of course that can obviously talk
In a race against a talking shoe
However what we wouldn’t know
Is that a hot dog is far behind
He didn’t enter the race at all…
The talking shoe ran off with the ketchup
Oh curse a writers mind.

A conversation with my kitty

NB: I think everyday I talk to my kitty about this…

Kitty cat, kitty cat
How many times do I have to say
You dear kitty and not a people
That means no acting strange
You meow, you sleep, and walk around
You chase things, catch things and roll about
You don’t cook dinner or get your own
You don’t operate my computer alone
kitty cat, kitty cat
How many times do I have to say!
You dear kitty are not a people
And you won’t want to be one anyway

Not of today.

I shed a tear for the times gone by
The new world formed seems to be dying
The heroes of today
Were not those of yesterday
and so many of the old guard dwell in memories…
Perhaps this adds a sad tone
To what little groups cling to hope
Who would wish to exist in sorrow…
I pray our last days are peaceful