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Returning Home

I have adventured for many years
Seen more than most will see
Cried a thousand tears…
At both beauty and terror been,

When I started I just wished for change
To see something that wasn’t the same
Experience the new and bold
To look upon something with nothing but awe,

However now that I have returned
From the home I left so long ago,
I feel so confused and torn,
For no longer feels my home

The door that I remembered,
Lays tattered, cracked and aged
Upon the ground it screams out…
Stories of its glory days

Inside the spiders look comfortable,
Undisturbed in peaceful slumber,,
The table fallen over frail,
The chairs warm in a blanket of dust…

And staring at this aged state
I begin to truly ponder
Is this really my home?
Or am I stranger in a strange land
That is no longer my own..


:) I am who I am

NB: This is a horrible poem, but I want people to know, that I don’t like being told what I like or dislike based on being from New Zealand. I hate sport, I don’t think I’m better than everyone else (as a lot of New Zealanders do) I don’t think NZ is the best  country in the world, actually we have a lot of flaws to work through. I don’t feel safe, this country isn’t as safe as we make ourselves out to be. Most of all this country isn’t clean and green. Its horrible and mostly filthy. I also don’t hate Australians either. And as much as the media like s to make it out. I am not in competition with anyone or the rest of the world.

I am who I am
Influenced by where I am
But not determined or shaped by it
Experiences speak louder,
Than where it is I’m born
To decide my likes and dislikes
Without listening to my words
Is just as horrible as slander
Racism of another form
Don’t call me a kiwi, Instead call me a human.
I am no bird, nor a fruit
I am who I am.
Walking my own path,
With stories yet shared.

End of rant đŸ™‚

Something I use to have on the end of my emails

~ }Ă¥{ ~
To Hack is to Pioneer,
To crack is to destroy
Remember to create and dream
Or you will loose yourself in this world

Always There to Guide

In darkness and dispair
You were always there
An angel by my side
Who was always there to guide
A light towards a door
I could not ask for more
Thank you for your voice
For it has lead me miles more
Than what I could ever do alone…