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REPOST – The blink of an eye

NB: For those who follow my blog, this poem was written after the last earthquake in September, but it has just as much relevance now as it did then. šŸ˜¦

In the blink of an eye
The world I knew was gone
Changed forever by the earth
Beyond any mans control
I was left to wonder my own city
A tourist to my home
And from now I shall live every day
Knowing time can be so ever short.


We are just visitors

NB:Ā As we (the person I was with and I) drove through the earthquake ruined streets a few minutes after the earthquake, past houses, dead bodiesā€¦ I wrote this. Ā I was deciding if I should post this, but have since decided to. I am sorry for those who lost someone since the earthquake. I myself am just homelessā€¦ my kitty is safe and has been re-homed and I am now staying with a friend. It could have been much worse.

We are just visitors

The world I love has crumbled.
Become a sorrowful ruin
The streets are now drenched in blood,
Sprinkled and covered in thick dust…
Some people scream, cry… rub there eyes
Is what they are seeing real?
Others rush to aid the fallen
Trapped under belongings they considered valuable.
My mouth runs dry as fear kicks in,
Are those I love still there for me?
And as the technology I depend on fails,
That fear grows into an empty feeling,
Despite the chaos around me,
All the people in panic…
I feel alone, isolated… afraid…
And asĀ the reality I use to know,
Organization, structure, control…
Slowly fades away…
I begin to realize…
We are just visitors on this plain
It is nature that decides how long we stay.

Thinking on the past

NB: Thinking on the past, I wrote this.

One day they are beside you
Making promises in trust
Telling you they will be your friend
Support you no matter what,
That they will be there for you
No matter where the journey leads
That no matter what happens
The friendship will be kept.

Then one day you wake up
Opening your eyes in tears
As you realize your alone
Very afraid and scared.
And all those promises made
Words exchanged in love
Were only ever said
because they felt they must.


NB: I have been a bit sad lately, and somewhere in that I wrote this.

Who is friend?
And Who is foe?
Those I trust…
Are paid in gold…
Those I love,
Have long since gone.
Those I know,
Don’t care at all
I am so confused…
So alone,
Lost in a world
Not my own.

If I had pointy cats ears!

NB: I think my kittys ears are the best! Oh and puppy ears, and pony ears. They show when they are sad, happy, listening, grumpy.
If anyone figures out how to grow cats ears let me know!

If I had pointy cats ears
I would twitch them all the time!
I would make one face to the left…
While the other faces outĀ in front!
I would move it about when people talked
So I wouldn’t have to look at them
I would point them down when I was mad
So that I wouldn’t have to say anything!
If I had pointy cats ears!
It would save me so much time
They would be way more logical
Than these boring ears of mine.