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To The Gravestone

NB: Written for a friend

To the gravestone.

When I shut my eyes, I remember
The places where we spent so many years.
I remember all the times we laughed together
All the fights we had over such small things
The days when we dreamed of the future,
The days when we made promises to keep.

Whatever happened to that world from then?
Why does it seem so far from what’s today,
If we knew then, what we know now…
Would we have made the same choices to end up here?

Around us, much the world seems in ruins
To busy to remember the old ways,
and as I stand before you with my eyes shut
I shed tears for those beside you so forgotten
Who have not seen their family for an age

I hope when it comes my time to sleep
We will see each other and catch that drink,
Till then I shall keep visiting so restless
Shedding tears over the world that comes my way.



The truth is apparent,
Civility is all but gone;
The souls of the fallen are to be forgotten,
The wars dehumanized and vile
Now fought against the hand of the Gods,
Victory and defeat don’t matter anymore,
Now they are meaningless thoughts.
Beauty was lost an age ago.
A forgotten chivalrous code.

Angels on our shoulders

Oh so high, in the sky,
Flying by, the angels cried,
Their tears falling to the world so cold,
Lighting the sky so bright with warmth,
Flashes and jolts of times lost,
Memoriess of a distant life,
Angels on our shoulders,
God watches over us tonight.

We will fight them

we will fight them on the beaches
On the forests
On the plains

We will fight them during the Sunshine
During the snow
During the rain

We will fight them amongst the dust
Amongst the darkness
Amongst the clear

We will fight them by our words
By our Morality
By our prayers

We will fight them In the blood
In the pain
In the tears

We will fight them till the last breath
Till the last nail
Till the last hair

We will fight them covered in sins
Covered in horrors
Covered in death

We will fight them to see home again
To see sleep
To see peace

We will fight them till the end
So we never have to look back again.

Authors Note

I meet someone who told me horrors that they experienced during world war II… I asked this man as he was sitting, staring the Memorial Bridge, if he was afraid of living. He told me he was not afraid of living, but afraid of sleeping… I asked him if I could write some poems, from what he tolds me. He said yes, These are in the catagory – War Poems