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As they were in memories

My footsteps echo in the quiet
As I ponder the world in desperate dire
Fear of what there is to come
When silence speaks so loud and drowned
In memories of the times since gone.

How could we have failed so…
As people choice is what we know.
Yet somewhere, someone staggered so
Straying from the path of hope
Bringing doom to all who dwell.

I pray from deep within my heart
That time can change for all of us
Pray that the world is but a dream
Or the end to a line of curruption and greed
That extends its grip to all we see

Though I feel that I am wrong
Knowing that the world is gone
I cling to but a thought of dream
That the silence isn’t what it seems
And soon things will return and be

As they were in memories


We should thank the shoelaces!

NB: I am crazy! We should thank shoelaces for all they have done

We should thank the shoe laces,
Oh yes we truly should!
They save us every day
National heroes don’t you know?
You see those shoes are alive
Totally evil and corrupt
Its cause they have no heart…
Strange creatures that they are … continue reading this entry.

:( What religion can do.

NB: What religion can do to those they don’t understand

The world around looked with caution
As the boy sat so quiet
He drew on his arms in strange symbols
Mumbled stories of dragons and monsters
Finally they grew in anger
As he mentioned other Gods
The told him he was a demon
And should not be on this world
Hurting him, and yelling
Ignoring bullying of all forms
They let him sink into sorrow
Saying he was wrong
The boy didn’t understand
Living in a dream
Escaping to his little world
Because was where he could be free
Finally when his body was drained
Tattered, tired and feeling worn
He slowly made a journey away
And vanished from everyones memory
To remain in silence the rest of his days
Yet always staying afraid.

The Final Day of FortFridge

The final Day of FortFridge, as recorded in the history books of a doodle pad

There is was the final moment, FortFridge was facing its final days. I didn’t know how long I could keep up the onslaught. Nemesis (That really was her name!) was just to crafty. She was waiting outside with her foam power-ranger sword and I knew it was time for desperate measures. I opened the freezer and unplugged it. General TeddyBear gave a good luck hug and by flooding the kitchen the war had begun.

I had my water wings on and stepped outside, prepared with a pot for a helmet and pool noodle. The battle had begun. I took a swipe and she hit back, and backwards and forwards it went. I knew I couldn’t hold out for much longer. And so mean she was she ruffled my hair. With a shocked expression I called for General Teddy Bear to arrest her, however all he did was sit and stare. This really was the final show down.

I catapulted what was the last of the frozen vegetables at her, but to my dismay I just made little ripples in the flooded room. There was no hope. I put my last energy into a few more baps… but, my energy had been exhausted. Due to her craftyness of confiscating my cola an hour earlier. I was just to drained. I bowed my head and gave in.

We took a moments rest to look around, the food on the walls, the mess on the floor. Crushed vegetables floating around a small pool of water. And I gulped as a soggy chips drifted by.

FortFridge had fallen, and I knew there would be a week long clean-up to follow, but I would have to wait to find out what punishment I would face under the true dictator of Fort Fridge. Good thing Mum’s not home for an hour.

Lifes wants.

I want to run down the hills as fast as I can
Look around at the world and not see a sign of man,
Roll in the grass, play in the sand
Swim in the lakes and feel the world wash away
Throw a rock and watch the ripples fade away

Walk through the parks, listening to the children laugh
Not a care in the world, as theres no end to it all
Humming, whistling comforting tunes, remember days past
But singing tomorrows song,
Knowing that life has surprises every turn.

Smell all the flowers, learn from my mistakes
Dream a wonderful dream, laugh away with a friend
Smile at someone, and know that I’m safe
Not worry about money, or think about pain
Shut my eyes to a sleep, knowing theres another day

My goodbye to a friend.

My goodbye

To my dearest friend, This is my goodbye.
I could not have done it without you,
I could never have survived
Somewhere I know things went wrong
And I am sorry they did
It was never my intention
For anyone to get hurt.
I hope in time you forgive me,
And if you ever need me I’m here.
Just a mail away, a call, a message.
Please know theres always a place for you
Deep within my heart,
Always your family, Matty.