In a Pout.

NB: I’m just sad today.

In a pout

It was a sad day,
Cold with a chill
Matty of MattyLand
Sat so quiet and still.

His eyes were a tear
As he sat on the couch
He snuggled Miss Lovealot Squeakypaw
in a big pout.

He didn’t know why
It was such a sad day
But he felt inside,
In such a big way.

He had lots of toys
So that wasn’t it
It wasn’t as if,
He had lost anything….

He knew people loved him
Cared for him deep,
He knew they were friends
Even when they were busy.

He had recently eaten
So he knew he wasn’t hungry,
He had been told you can be sad
When your tummy is grumbling…

He had a big bottle of water
Right by his chair
So it wasn’t that he was thirsty…
Its said that can make you sad…

It couldn’t be that he was tired
He had just woken up
From a pretty big sleep
Where he had dreamed a lot…

It wasn’t that he was cold,
Even though there was a chill,
The heat was on high
So that he could stay warm

But it must be something,…
For he could feel it inside,
A deep icky feeling,
He was sad alright

And in all that worrying,
That thinking, that pout,
A certain kitty cat,
Showed on up at his couch

She hopped on his lap
She let out a purr
She walked over him twice
And then sat on him.

And then Matty of MattyLand,
Finally Knew at last
What was making him sad
And pout so much.

It was just one of those days
Where he just needed a hug.



  1. Kat Said:

    we all have days like that Matty.
    so glad Princess Nom Nom gave you a hug.
    animails are great at hugging us when we don’t feel to good.
    and they make us feel better too. xx

  2. Helen Said:

    that’s a sweet poem. I’m so glad you have Princess Nomnom 🙂

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