Rest soundly and peacefully Deborah Kasumaj

Deborah Kasumaj, a friend only known online and in passing, lost her battle to cancer at 10:45am eastern, also known as  Diva Benoir virtually she was a very beautiful soul, person, being and full of such love and energy that you could only smile at her presence.

Someone I knew only in passing,
But who had a soul of pure love,
Has finally past into the next…
To await those she left behind.
I shed a tear not for her loss,
For I know that we will see her in time,
But for the reason she was taken young…
And her soul had years to go.
I know inside that life goes on,
and I hope my friends can brave this storm…
Dear Deborah also known as Diva
We will surely feel your loss.

At last may you rest
At peace from pain
Our dear friend and warrior
We shall meet again.



  1. Rosie Said:

    So sad when a friend has gone, especially someone young and who must have given joy to those who were aquainted wih her in some way. Death can be so often unfair.

  2. adiamazing Said:

    nyc poem!!!

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