The different bear

NB: I know this is badly written, but I was very sad when I wrote this… I am not sure what kind of poem this is so I will just put it in other poems. If any of you have a better idea what category to put it in let me know!

The Different Bear

There once was a teddy bear who was different
Some would say he was rather weird!
He acted different to the other teddies…
He liked things that they thought were strange.

The other teddies use to laugh at him
They would say mean words and call him names.
They never use to talk with him…
So he was very lonely most days.

All he wanted was a friend,
And he didn’t understand at all,
Why do these teddies not like him?
He is always nice to them all…

He tried to change it by acting different,
But it just didn’t work
He found himself uncomfortable,
And just didn’t feel himself

Then he tried saying nice words,
Telling them really nice things…
But the other teddy bears just ignored him.
And it did not seem to help a bit.

He even tried by giving gifts
To make them play with him more,
But they would just take them all
And not even say thank you once.

Next he tried by sharing his lunch
But they would just eat it all
Then he would get so very hungry
And be sad even more…

It seemed that no matter what he did
Nothing seemed to work
They just didn’t want to be his friend
But to him there was no explanation.

Why do they not like  me?
He thought to himself…
Was it cause I did something wrong?
I have always have tried to be a good teddy,
I have always followed the rules.

What the sad teddy bear didn’t know
Was that he was acting different…
Or at least different to the other bears he was,
To himself he was acting normal.
He liked to dress up in pretty things
Or as animals or super heroes!
He liked to wear bows and pretty ribbons,
Even dresses and silly hats.

The other teddy bears thought this was wrong
“Boy bears shouldn’t wear those things” they said
So they decided he was very bad,
Without even getting to know him.

So after trying so many times,
The different bear decided he had tried to much…
He stopped trying to make friends
And he began to be himself…

Playing with any toy he wished,
Dressing up in fun things,
Not paying attention to what others said
Because he just wanted to be a happy bear…

One day when he was older,
A new teddy bear came to visit
It didn’t think like the other teddy bears,
It was a very pretty girl bear!

She went over to him and asked to play!
His eyes went wide, excited and bright!
He showed the girl bear all the toys!
And they played happily for the entire day!

That night the different bear went to sleep,
And he smiled so very, very big
He said to himself so loudly to himself
“There is a bear out there for everyone,
Sometimes you just have to wait.”



  1. Janay Said:

    ahh i’ve been there. Its why i love my best friend. We maybe different, but we love that fact.

  2. Rosie Said:

    How neat this poem is Matty. Love it! Thank you 🙂
    All good hings happen to those who wai & always be true to themselves

  3. Rosie Said:

    Should be – ‘all good things come to those who – WAIT’ Matty
    ( sorry spell error )

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