Just another day!

NB: Happy Mummys Day

Today is just another day
The same as yesterday
Tomorrow, the next day.

And as another day,
The same rules apply…
Those laws you should be following everyday of your life!

Show those around you, you love them so,
Care for others, even strangers you don’t know!
Respect whats around you, and take only what you need,

But most of all, and you must believe me…
Cast no judgement on others, no ignorance to different
Be yourself always, no matter what struggles.

Happy Mummys Day :)!!



  1. Kathy Said:

    thank you matty for pointing out that every day should be a good day…in such a kind way.

  2. Rosie Said:

    Your poems are so inspiring Matty Thank you for all your writings

  3. Laura Said:

    Wonderful…and so true!

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