I won’t be publishing any books, but keep reading my blog!

So, here is my bad news for you all, and I hope your ok with it.

Because no one was able to help me find an artist for Earthquack story or any of my other stories, and no one was able to help me figure out how to self publish. I am giving up on it for now 🙂 It is my dream to have some books one day, but currently without help thats not possible. I am getting very depressed having emails unreplied to, having people tell me things that make me very hopeful only to have nothing come from them and most of all very upset with having people say they will help but not be able to.

Not naming anyone in particular :)! So no one feel bad ok! I have emailed 100s of people trying to get help to do this but I couldn’t. Its my fault anyway, because I can’t draw.

So since its become frustrating and exhausting and I am getting mouth sores from getting upset and grumpy all the time. I think giving up is healthiest thing to do.

I hope everyone is ok with that :)! Maybe one day I will try again, But sadly without an artist/illustrator its just to hard.

I do have hopes for one story that I never put on my blog, that my best friend in Alaska who has many goats is working on for me! If she is able to finish the illustrations and mail them to me I will work on getting that into a book, but I will wait for her to finish in her own time 🙂 and just keep writing as I use to for now.


Especially those who have been buying my poems online.


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