The Hopaclypse been!

NB: You pronounce it Hop-a–clips!!

I just felt an aftershock earthquake, so it must be a reminder that the easter bunnys just come.

The Hopaclypse Been!

There had been some terrible shaking,
And inside the houses, things were a mess…
It was easter of course, so it was to be expected,
For we all know thats when the Hopaclypse happens.

And at last when the Hopaclypse had come and gone
People went outside to check all around
And it was obvious to all who looked about,
The landscape was littered in foot prints
All bunny shaped of course.

There was many broken trees and fences
Yet amazingly no ones home was dented,
They had survived such a terrifying night
When the easter bunny hopped
Around the world in delight

The evidence of his coming was very clear,
Not just bunny shaped foot prints either…
There is large giant chocolate stains, left and right…
Possibly from a huge chocolate bar he carries while he jumps,
The children however don’t seem to mind,
Chocolate I guess is wonderful,
No matter the kind.

But the night was not yet over,
Oh no…
There was still many hours left to go!
And as a constant reminder of what had just been
Afterstomps shook the ground,
As he continued his journey.

As scary as it may seem to some
From Blocktopia, the Blocktropolis
To Lord Pig Pigalot’s Kingdom of Pigglylot
One can’t help but look in awe
At how this 300 or more, foot tall bunny
Can hop around the world.

And we must be thankful,
Yes we must,
That he leaves so much chocolate about!
For his stains are so big, for he is rather tall!
That we can make chocolate eggs,
And live off chocolate for days to come.

So despite the bad,
That happens every year
I think I can put up with the bunny scare.

Now please excuse me
While I take a break,
I must inspect some chocolate stains…
And ummmm…. maybe taste.


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