The Hopaclypse

NB: The hopaclypse, an event common during easter due to the clumsy and excited nature of the easter bunny… who happens to be 300 feet tall.

The Hopaclypse coming!

That time of year was fast approaching,
There was just a few more sleeps to go…
All inside the Blocktropolis, Blocktopia
Were nervous of the days to come.

They had survived so much,
In the recent years…
Attacks from the Catzilla for one!
They had even survived the Earthquack of Feburary!
They were a brave bunch!

But they had heard the rumors…
They shut their doors,
They boarded up their windows.
In fear they were

For what was coming,
Was a deadly creature,
It was the Easter Bunny
Foot tall

They called his coming the Hopaclypse,
The darkest day of the year
The day where anything goes…
As the easter bunny travels the globe

The danger comes from the hopping,
Thus the name the Hopaclypse you see
The easter bunny just doesn’t watch
Where the hops are going to go and be.

They usually start off small
As all bunny hops tend to do,
But somewhere in there excitement grows
And then hops just go out of control!
Next you know theres cities in smoke
Rubble across the world around!
To make matters worse the easter bunnys clumsy
and trips all over the show…
This of course creates afterstomps
As bad as a deadly Earthquack or two!

So Blocktopia is not alone
In the fear of which it lives
At least soon easter will be over
And the bunny will go back to sleep.

But if theres anything to learn from Blocktopia
The greatest Blocktropolis of them all…
Its that we should be weary,
Each year the hopaclypse is close!


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