Scientific Circles

NB: Someone asked me today why I go in circles all the times, I like to twirl and run in circles. Circles are cool. This is my answer.

Scientific Circles!

I will base my life around a theory,
A theory I know is true,
that if I run around in circles,
I will time travel back a year or two,
The only flaw to all of this,
And its one I will fix one day,
Is running in circles makes me dizzy,
So I end up running the other way…
Of course this puts me back,
Right back to where I started…
But rest assured that I am working hard,
Making Scientific circles wherever possible!
And soon, I promise there will be a solution!
A solution to this time travelling debacle.


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  1. Maggie Hartley Said:

    Matty, this makes SO much sense to me and how my mind works, that it makes me smile. I truly think you have a brilliant talent for writing and making pictures with your words. Thank you so very much for sharing yourself. Go well and take care.

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