The Missing Invitation! PART 2!

NB: This is part 2 of The Missing Invitation story, please CLICK HERE TO READ PART 1 otherwise this story will make no sense!
I hope you enjoy this Helen, and don’t forget to smile and giggle lots!

The Missing Invitation! PART 2!

So off Prince Epic went
Who may possibly be a moose,
With a skip, and a hop
Towards the fence he went,
He twirled and jumped.
Constantly checking,
His watch for the time
For being late would be a crime!

When at last, he had finally reached
The fence he heard of, when his ear was listening,
He eyed it up
He eyed it down,
And then in one big jump
He bounced right over!

If you didn’t know,
For a goat
When somethings involved
That needs a munch
Such things as fences
Pose no problem
And goats seem to grow super powers

*cough* sorry for interrupting the story,
Now where was I….

As he landed
His eyes went wide
As before him was a table…
Covered in delight!
All placed so neatly, upon a red and white cloth
Were mouth watering tasty things,
He loved so much!

Pies, Fruits , Breads, Jams
Chocolates,  Salads, His favorite Yams!
Even the grass around him was grand
He thought to himself
They thought of me in their planning

But when he looked around
To the left
And to the right
When he stepped around in a circle
Other than a small cottage house
He was very alone.

He sat there for a second
Or at least two,
But it didn’t take long to make up his mind
The host and other guests… must be invisible!

So he made his way to the table
While saying “hello” to not be rude,
He didn’t sit in any chairs
As to not sit on any of his invisible friends.

And when he reached the table,
He had come to the conclusion…

Invisible people eat invisible food,
So all of this…
must have been set up…

And upon reaching that conclusion
With the licking of his lips
He began the Princely task
Of eating all that was before him!

He started with the pies,
Which were delicious and so tasty
Followed by fruits,
He commented on their ripeness!
Then next was the breads, followed by the jams,
Every jar, Every crumb, was eaten up rather well
Next he made his way to the Salads,
Making note of the crunchiness
Next were the chocolates
Which he let melt in mouth
And then chewing them slowly,
He drooled a little.

Then finally the Yams,
His favorite of them all,
He loved his Yams more than chocolate
He sniffed them three times over,
So well cooked
He whispered to himself.

And from that moment
It was the beginning of the end
As each and every yam
Went into his mouth he opened big,
He chewed,
He chewed,
And then he chewed again,
This was followed by a gulp
and the licking of his lips

He took a breath
Thanking his Invisible host and other guests,
“Such delicious food”
He said nodding his head.
“As a thank you,
I will clear the table
Its the Princely Royal thing to do
And he began to eat the table cloth,
Including everything placed on top.

And when everything was gone,
He finally checked his watch,
It read 1:50 pm
This party finished earlier than I was told
He thought

And so he excused himself,
Saying goodbye to empty chairs,
And to the fence he made his way
Struggling to climb with his belly so big

Meanwhile, back over the fence,
Lindsay a good friend of Queen Helen,
Popped out her head
She had been inside
Trying to find the fine China-ware
And she blinked once
No she blinked twice
Everything she had prepared
Had now completely disappeared!

She began to panic
As Queen Helen was on her way!
“Where did it all go!”
She said so worried and upset!

And as Lindsay sighed,
The Honorable Queen Helen showed,
She had made her way right at 2,
Queens are never late after all!

Lindsay told Queen Helen
How she had made such a feast,
How it disappeared,
And how the party was now ruined.

But Queen Helen just laughed
“Its ok” she said,
“I didn’t come to just eat your food
I came to see my friend!”
They both smiled and they laughed
And pondered the mystery of the missing feast
“I don’t think we will ever solve it”
They said rather stumped.

And while Queen Helen, and Lindsay thought
A certain Royal goat began his walk,
All the way back to Fort Goat
With a belly that was very large!
And as he made his way
He said out loud to himself

“You know that food was wonderful
Some of the best I ever had…
But the hosts and guests were rather rude,
They really need to work on their talking”


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  1. Helen Said:

    Oh dear! Poor Lindsey and her lost party! And happy Prince Epic for having all that food to himself! hehehe This is wonderful, Matty 🙂 YOU are wonderful! ❤

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