The Missing Invitation! PART 1!

NB: The Missing Invitation, PART 1, FOR HELEN! My bestest Alaskan goat herder friend and Queen of Fort Goat, I LOVES YOU LOTS HELEN!!!

The Missing Invitation, PART 1

It all began with a Maaaaaa,
And a stomp of a hoof or four
As a certain goat, with two great horns
Sat with his hairy ear to the wall.
And as he listened
He heard it,
He truly, truly did,
He heard it
With his ear to the wall
He heard it
Yes he did.

And what he heard,
he couldn’t believe…
With eyes wide and jaw dropping big,
From inside the cabin the words were wonderful
Right out the mouth from the honorable Queen Helen
He heard the word
He heard the word
He heard the time
He also heard where
“Over the fence”
He heard, he heard
Yes he truly did
He heard these things,
He heard them all
And it was very exciting,
The more he thought!

Lifting his ear from the wall
Completely in disbelief,
His eyes were bigger than a full moon
Well kind of in a rectangular way,
It was truly a sight to see.

It was a very rare occasion,
For a party to be held,
At least one not far from Fort Goat
There was many reasons for this of course,
But for the uneducated,
I will name a few…
So listen very carefully,
Education is a privileged you know,

Messy Eating,
head butting,
To much noise to talk!
And for some strange reason,
No one knows why…
You always have less table cloths…
That whatever number you had before.

*cough* sorry for interupting the story,
Now where was I….

“A party, A party”

Said the goat still in shock,
Followed by a hop,
Then a twirl and a jump
He skipped away,
With these words in his brain

They must have forgot my invitation!
It is after all, the only explanation,
There is just no other reason why!
they wouldn’t invite this Goat so Royal…
I, Prince Epic, Possibly a Moose,
Am an honor to have around,
That is why I am royalty,
In fact…
I’m the most royalist goat around.

And as he skipped away
With a Maaaa and a nod
Towards his pen inside Fort Goat!
He checked all around,
Left he looked
and then to the right
For the invitation
He believed was lost
You never know if you look for something,
It just might show up.

He checked the chicken coup
Sheila Puppy’s shed,
He checked under stray branches
That had fallen from the trees
He even checked inside some hay
That he had stopped to munch for lunch!
He checked,
he checked…
But it just didn’t seem to help.

When he had reached his pen
No ordinary one of course,
He had the grandest pen of them all
Complete with a couch!
He looked between the cushions,
Where things sometimes get lost…
And he looked around every corner
Then every inch of his pen
But again he had no luck,
It must be very lost
He said… in a pout

After deciding that his invitation
Must be so very lost…
He decided he should attend,
As it would be rude not to show up.

So he combed his fur, his beautiful hair
If you didn’t know, he was a Cashmere,
He combed it up, he combed it down
and he fluffed himself,
He looked Royal alright!
And when at last
He was prepared,
With the watch at 1 he nodded his head

“I will go early”

He said out loud
For a royal goat,
When foods involved…
Being late is not allowed.

Click to read part 2!


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  1. Helen Said:

    What a great start for a story! I know Epic will love it!

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