Forever in my heart

NB: I was writing a fan-mail to someone recently, a voice actor of a cartoon I like very much. I use to know one of the voice actors of that cartoon. She was a very wonderful, special, inspiring and beautiful person called Maddie Blaustein, but I knew her online as Kendra. Kendra was such a wonderful person and perhaps one of the most wonderful friends I ever had, we became friends long before I knew who she was. She died in 2008. She actually offered once to illustrate one of my stories but I told her no, as she was very busy.

Anyway, while writing this mail, and watching one of the cartoons Maddie voiced, I remembered a poem I wrote not long after she died that I never published. So here it is below. I know its not very good but at the time when I wrote it all torn up, it meant a lot.

Forever in my heart

I cannot believe that you are gone,
A friend who will live forever on…
For your voice I will hear so very often
As I relive those happy times from childhood over.

Even now, when they say that you have passed,
You somehow continue to make me laugh,
Bringing me a smile on the horrible days
And a giggle when I truly need to escape,

I can’t thank you enough for blessing me
With friendship, kindness, love and happiness
For showing me that everything is not just black and white,
For giving me happy memories, during those darkest times,

My only regret is I never told you sooner,
And at times took your presence for granted,
For that I hope you can forgive me
and rest soundly in the quiet.

Always your friend and angel.
Lil Matty


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