The Rainy Sunday

NB: THIS IS REALLY LONG! REALLYYYyyy long! It very late when I finish poem story so if anyone see any mistakes please tell me ok.

The Rainy Sunday

In the Kingdom of Bedroom
Sometime around lunch,
It was a dark and cloudy Sunday,
As Sundays sometimes are…
And a little bear named Paw Print
Watched out the window far,
And as he watched he heard a sound
A sound that was beginning to get loud


It went for a while
Then suddenly
As it came faster and faster it went
And as it got louder
Got faster…
Its sound could not be said
But what it was!
Was the rain!
It had finally started!
As it often did on cloudy days!

He watched outside
As the world quickly changed
As everything around
Got wet, damp and stained.

He watched as the birds
That usually played
Flew up to their trees
To shelter in their nests.
He watched as a puppy not to far
Rushed off to his house…
To snuggle quietly down
And he watched as a cat quickly darted so fast
Toward a cat door of a house
To sleep quietly inside by a fire so warm

And as Paw Print watched,
Feeling a bit sad,
Wishing he could go outside
and play as he often did…
He thought a thought
So deep it was,
Such a big thought
He even made a thought noise!
He said, quite aloud
Why is there rain?
He thought, and thought some more.

It was at this moment,
That he decided to find out
A new mission for such a day
Where you don’t want to go out…
And his first real step that he decided while in thought!
Was that Mummy bear would know,
As she’s the smartest of them all.
So he went to her and he looked up
“Mummy bear”
He said
As she looked down
Sitting on the bed where she was often found
“Yes dear”
She replied to little Paw Print,
Who then asked his question,
That he had pondered.

“Mummy bear,
Why is there rain,
I been looking outside
And watching it today…”

She thought for a while,
thinking so deep
She had never thought before…
Why the rain had been.
She then said to Little Paw Print,

“The rain just is…
Just something that happens…
That us bears can’t change,
Maybe its like a bath,
Just like we do each day…
A way for everything to get clean,
Yes that must be it”

Little Paw Print thought upon this so deep,
but he decided that he needed another answer or two.
So he thought he would ask her Highness the kitty cat.
Princess Nom Nom, Booksitting, Bagsleeping, Fattycat, Swishy Tail the first
She was after-all one of the most important in the land.


Little Paw Print asked…
Looking at her with a tilted head
She didn’t reply,
Which was rather normal
When there was rain from the sky,
Cause you see,
Kitties like to sleep rather sound…
When the outside is unable to be adventured about.
So little Paw Print gave her a gentle nudge,
A little tap with his paw
And she stretcheeeddddddd out really long in reply of course.

She said, while letting out a yawn
“What do you want…
Couldn’t you see I was busy?
With certain royal duties?

“Well…” said little Paw Print…
Looking at her, hoping not to make her grumpy.
“Princess Kitty
Why is there rain,
I been looking outside
And watching it today…”

He looked at her, awaiting her reply
As she was curled up upon a white throne.

Unlike Mummy bear,
The answer came quick
Princess Kittys often have an answer for everything…

“Well little Paw Print bear
That’s such an easy question to answer,
Its raining of course…
Because its something I demanded!
You see its a royal thing, that us Princess Kittys get to do
When we are soooooo tired, and really need to sleep.
We make it rain so nothing can distract us.
Now let me be, I have royal duties to attend”,
She said as she curled on her throne back to sleep.

Little Paw Print thought upon this so deep,
but he decided that he needed another answer at least.
Someone who knew about water quite well.
After all rain was water,
little Paw Print pondered.

So he went in search of a very quiet duck
Ducks like water a bunch!
A certain duck,
Who often kept to himself
Sinister Quacky Eyes was his name,
And he liked visitors a lot.
He lived upon a bookcase, known as Court
And it was not often visitors went there at all.

Said Little Paw Print,
While looking up.
By the way if you didn’t know…
That’s the universal greeting for ducks!

Sinister Quacky Eyes replied,
With a very welcoming Quack
“Quack Quack Quack”
He went, quite proudly and impressed,
Then looking down he kindly said.
“Yes Little Paw Print,
How can I help you today?”

“Sinister Quacky Eyes,
Why is there rain,
I been looking outside
And watching it today…”

He continued to look up,
At the Quacky Eyed duck
What Quacky Eyed meant…
Was a story in itself.

And as he listened, as the duck cleared his throat

“Well young Paw Print bear,
I can answer that quite well.
You see it rains,
When the sky is in a pout…
Just like we cry
The water lets it all out,
It will stop eventually,
When things get happier at last.

Little Paw Print thought upon this so deep,
But he was unsure if any of the answers were correct…
So he decided that he would ask a grownup person sometime,
They know more than most of the Kingdom of Bedroom combined.
But until then he decided what he would do
Was that he would act upon all he had learned.

He put on a rain coat and then a rain hat,
Gumboots followed and everything matched
When he was bright yellow and all prepared,
He ventured out the door to the rain
with a bag he had prepared.

He opened his bag and he took out,
Three things that he thought would make the rain stop!

He first acted upon what Mummy Bear had said,
“Maybe everything just needs to be cleaned up well” he said
So Little Paw Print took out a fresh bar of soap.
He placed it on the ground hoping to speed the rain up,

He then acted upon what he learned
From what Her Highness had said,
And he explained to the sky all the he knew best
That She was indeed a very bossy kitty cat,,
But although she was bossy,
you don’t always have to listen.

Then finally he got to the last of what he learned,
That the sky might be sad and just letting out the blues,
So he got the sky, what always cheered him up,
And placing on the ground a flower he loved so much.

“Sky, Sky”

Said little Paw Print bear,

“I am not really sure why you have to rain right here,
But I want you happy,
And I want things clean,
I don’t want you bossed by Princess Kitty who can be mean
Please stop raining so I can be out here
It’s hard to play when things are grey and wet.”

And then something amazing
Happened right then.
The rain that had been, quietly ceased
And the sun from way up high,
shined down on everything making it bright.
Little Paw Print smiled! He was unsure how
But now was not the time to think of answers.
And as he looked around spotting many puddles,
He jumped in them!
A big SPLASH followed!
And as he went, with a smile on his face,
He decided…
You know,
I don’t think I mind the rain.


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