The Trial of Sinister Quacky Eyes

This is the second and final part of the Sinister Quacky Eyes story. You can read the first part, The Missing TV Controller on this blog also!

Part 2

The Trial of Sinister Quacky Eyes,

It was around noon
When the train arrived
The Kingdom of Bedroom
Was a sunny delight
Her Royal Highness
Princess Nom Nom Booksitting Bagsleeping Fattycat Swishy Tail the First
Sat in the sun
On her throne bed of course.

She looked down,
As wooden train arrived,
At first she happy
Excited perhaps…
But she made a face,
As she saw Sinister Quacky Eyes…
“Another bird”
she muttered,
Quietly under her breath
She sighed as it stopped
At chest of draws station.

Sinister Quacky Eyes was taken
And rather quickly…
By two strong elephants
Drowsy and Patches,
To Bookcase court
The most scariest court of all…
Three shelves high,
The same highest as her Highnesses throne.

When on top,
The trial began
A large kitty cat head
Peered down at the villain

“By order of MattyLand
For the safety of all
The Kingdom of Bedroom
Holds all the trials of villains

You are here,
Accused none of the less
Of being Sinister
Having Quacky Eyes
Taking Santa Puppys blocks…
And committing… the worse ever sin
Which I can barely utter about!
Even now, it makes me shiver.

For you are accused, of interrupting….
The most sacred of rituals throughout the world
The watching of TV, and morning cartoons
By taking the TV Controller…
How do you plea!”

Sinister Quacky Eyes
Looked up quite brave

“I plea innocent”

There was a gasp from the elephants…
Which rang so loud!
After all they were elephants,
They had long trunk noses!

The Princess,
Put her head close to Sinister Quacky Eye’s head
She store him down…
“Hmmmmm” she said.

“To what charges are you innocent.
Are you innocent to all…”

She continued on,
Eyeballing him.

Sinister Quacky Eyes then replied
But not before a quack.

“I am guilty of being sinister
Of having Quacky Eyes
I have taken a few blocks…
From Santa Puppys truck
But I promise…
No I swear!
On my satin bow.
That I…
Sinister Quacky Eyes

There was an awkward silence that followed
But it didn’t last long
The Princess and the Duck conversed all day long
And as the trial dragged out
Words were thrown back and forth
There was also stopping for breaks to of course

Breaks for Fur Licking,
Blanket kneading,
Breaks for sniffing,
For rolling
And of course many for purring!
And as the trial continued,
Between all these breaks,
Something happened…
Something unexpected and strange!

Sinister Quacky Eyes…
and the Princess kitty!
Were becoming friends!

Through all their talking!
They learned of each others likes!
They talked about the fun things
That they both enjoyed!
Then by days end
The Elephants were dismissed…
Drowsy and Patches… were no longer needed!

And by night,
When both were tired.
Princes Nom Nom. her highness
Issued a pardon

“Sinister Quacky Eyes

She said quite royal…

“I Princess Nom Nom, Booksitting bagsleeping Fattycat Swishy Tail the First
Am giving you a pardon of the crimes you are accused.
You will not be welcome in MattyLand again
But I invite you to the Kingdom of Bedroom to spend the rest of your days!”

Sinister Quacky Eyes, let out a quack!

“Thank you”

He said

“I can live with that”

The Princess Kitty, snuggled up to her friend
And so tired from the days events…
They had a wonderful sleep!

And so that is the story
The tale of how
Sinister Quacky Eyes ended up
In the wonderful Kingdom of Bedroom
The missing controller…
Was eventually found,
It showed up the next week
Inside the couch…
Who would have thought…
That a cat and a bird,
Could be best friends…
They just each had to listen.


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