The Missing TV Controller.

NB: The first part of the Sinister Quacky Eyes story titled The missing TV Controller, Part 2 The Trial of Sinister Quacky Eyes can also be read on this blog

Part 1:

The Missing TV Controller

It was a typical night in MattyLand
As everyone slept sound
That is almost everyone
Not Zorrobear of course…
As it was his job, his mission
To protect all citizens from danger
While accompanied by growler the dragon,
He was as wide awake as ever.

He was on a case,
One he had been following for days.
For there was a super villian in town,
Or so the rumor  says.
A very sinister type
One with quacky eyes
A duck who carried a bag
A bright yellow one of course.
A duck…
Who just happened to be named
Sinister Quacky Eyes
Who would have thought? aye?

What this duck had actually done
No one really knows…
Some say he stole SantaPuppys blocks
Right from his magical truck…
Others say he said mean things
But it was one that made Zorrobear twitch
A certain rumor from a snoring sheep
That Sinister Quacky Eyes…
Had control of the TV.

Now for those that don’t really understand,
In MattyLand the TV is a sacred thing
And its controlled by a black controller with buttons
And all the citizens watch it quite often
But it had been 2 days since it was last on,
Which gave credibility to the rumor
That the snoring sheep had snored…

So Zorrobear, with his mighty black hat,
His wonderful cape, the inside red
With his leather booties
His leather paw gloves
Flew with growler
To end this mission once and for all.
And it was in New Bookshelf,
A rather barren place
That Sinister Quacky Eyes,
Was discovered and trapped.

Zorrobear confronted,
The Sinister Duck
Who did indeed have quacky Eyes
Which was quite expected of a duck.
He spoke one word at a time,
Well sometimes he spoke to…
For afterall…
Thats what a Zorrobear has to do.

Am here….
To arrest,
Sinister Quacky Eyes
For Many
Many Crimes,
For being…
Quacky Eyes
For  controlling
The TV
For being..

Sinister Quacky Eyes,
Just looked back
Its not my fault,
See this tag?!
Its how I was Made,
I wasn’t born this way….
Please, let me be…

But Zorrobear would have none,
He was determined to do good,
And the duck was quickly caught
Tied up with the lace of a shoe.
He and growler,
Carried him back,
And to wooden block train station…
He was taken rather quick.

When he was there,
And Wooden Block Station,
A part of the train was immediately prepared,
He was placed upon letters,
L, M, N, O, P, Q and of course as you may expect
The letter S was there to.

He was fully visible
A real live villain to see
So many had come,
Amazed as can be.
They whispered to each other
That he was rather Sinister,
That he had Quacky Eyes
And he was guilty as ever.

So that is the story,
Of Zorrobear and growler
A missing TV controller,
A snoring sheep or other…
But it is not end,
Oh no, not at all,
So please stay tuned
For theres trial to be held.



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