Mac Doug and Keri-Anne, The Blocked Road,

NB: For Garry225, and Mac :)!

It started to rain on Sunday morning,
At that time it was just a little
But by Sunday night it hadn’t stopped.
Then By Monday it was raining harder
By tuesday there was thunder to..
And the air had a nasty chill.
Then by Wednesday everything was slippery
And the dirt was all mushy to…

But all of that,
Was not as bad
For when Thursday came,
People got mad~
For the rocks on the hill,
That were usually quiet
Had slipped down in the mud
And made everyone grumpy.

They were now on the road,
And the cars couldn’t pass,
There was lots of beeping horns,
and they trailed back for miles!

Lots of people gathered,
All around in wonder
Thinking how to fix
This terrible disaster.

But it was a small boy
Who had the idea!
As he shouted up to all the grownups
There was silence in the air
“Why don’t we get a digger!”
He said, with a smile,
“Dougs a great Digger, and Mr Mac could help us!

Doug was a digger, that Mr Mac had
And the boy knew of doug
When he had come to his school.

The grownups all nodded,
It was really a great idea!
A digger could pick up the rocks
And they could move them far away.

So they called Mac,
And soon he had come,
He was with Keri-Anne,
His really big truck
He wore a hard hat
Cause thats what you do
When around machines
Bigger than you!

The people were so happy
To see them show up
And Mac, Keri-Anne
Soon let Doug out

He was not very big,
But he was very strong
And it didn’t take long!
Till all the rocks were gone,
All those in there cars
Had come out to watch,
As Doug with a smile
Moved them all the rocks aside.

And as he did,
There was a cheer so loud!
As Doug finished up
The rain stopped as well.
It really was a happy end
To what was a miserable day,

Then slowly as the people,
Returned to their cars
Passing by they said thanks
To Mac, Keri-Anne and Doug.

But also of course,
They didn’t forget
The smart little boy
Whos idea it had been.

And that is how
The road got cleared
And why Mac goes to schools
To teach them about his machines.
so that when another road
Ever gets blocked
They know who to call
So it can be fixed right up!


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  1. Kat Said:

    Thankyou so much Matty.
    I have let Mr Mac know about this poem.
    I’m sure Mr Mac will be very thrilled with this poem/story
    as it is very well written.
    keep up the good work.
    regards Kat (garry225)

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