The invasion of the Clucks…

NB: The chickens next door marched the fence, my kitty Princess Nom Nom Booksitting Bagsleeping Fattycat SwishyTail the First was worrying. But she knows good friends in MattyLand to help her through the worry.

The Invasion of the Clucks

It was a calm Thursday
As Thursdays often are
And Princess Nom Nom Booksitting Bagsleeping Fattycat SwishyTail the First
Sat upon her throne
By a window in the sun…
In the Kingdom of Bedroom
her wonderful home,
And it was such a wonderful place
Especially when it was calm,
And sun beats down..

At least… it was calm…
Until a sound could be heard
It was ever so quiet…
But loud enough… to make ears perk.
It was only once,
But once was enough…
For her Royal Highness,
Was alert to the sound…
Her head went left
Then quickly to the right
She looked around, and around…
Trying to figure it out…
Then it happened again,
That sound…
Only this time in was three times as loud!!!
Cluck!, Cluck!, Cluck!!!
And then she saw it…
Something beyond her dreams
An assortment of birds
Bigger than she would ever be!!
They were all golden brown,
And looked fierce and strong
Some wore red head pieces
And others marched back and forth…
Exactly… like soldiers would.

There was only one explanation
At least to her mind,
There was going to be an invasion.
Her heart began to pound.

What was she to do,
A lone princess in her kingdom,
She had to seek aid…
From Mattyland this instant.
She ran to Mayor Big Ted
She made her plea

“Please giant bear
Please save me!”

He listened, quietly
He nodded his head.
This did indeed sound bad
Soldiers at the fence.

“Do not worry,”

He said rather calm

“I have a plan!
And I won’t let you down!
We will raise an army,
We will load up with bread crumbs!
We will march to the fence
We will drive them back!”

“Thank you!”
Said the Princess Cat!
With a grin on her face
As she heard the plan

“We shall take out those marchers
Before they  invade!
We will drive them back!
We will definitely win!”

She returned to her Kingdom
To her wonderful throne
She sat on watch
As they marched the wall.
“Cluck, Cluck”
They often went,
As the marched moving their heads.

Then finally,
As the afternoon turned to night
Mayor Big Ted, had at last arrived

With him he had an army of critters,
Some big and some small
Elephants, Giraffes, even a Kiwi had shown
And then behind them, MattyLands Monarch appeared
Hugsie the Snuggle bunny showed.
The three foot tall queen!

“Do not worry,
Our Princess Friend,
We shall march to the wall,
We shall drive them back!”

It had begun
As they headed to the fence
Princess Nom Nom followed last
Alert but in fear
As they reached the fence.
The threat was made clear
For the fence rattled!!
To the noise that was there
Came from the other side
But Mayor Big Ted would not back down in fear!


He shouted
Ever so loud.
The bread crumbs went over,
Far over the fence
The sound of panic followed
As the Clucking disappeared
Then the scratching sound,
As the ground began to shake

“They are running!”

Said the Princess,

As Mayor Big Ted and friends cheered!
It was safe to say
That the Kingdom had been saved
There would be no invasion
From cluck’s this day.

We don’t know how long…
It will be till they return
But rest assured when they do
Certain ears will perk.

And that is the story
Of how Princess Nom Nom came close
To having the Kingdom of Bedroom
Invaded by the clucks.


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