The Meal!

NB:  All characters, critters, creatures and oddities do exist in real world! Oh, and love you lots Lucia!!! Hope you don’t mind being in my story. This story tells of how a wonderful dinner turned into a war, I hear of this happening a lot.


It all started at a table…
As all good arguments do
In the wonderful Kingdom of Pigglylot
The table was set for more than two!
Lord Pig Pigalot sat at the head
And there were guests from every land

From Fort Goat,
There was Prince Epic possibly a moose,
The most epic moose out of all the mooses…
Hes not even a moose, HES A GOAT!

From the Kingdom of bedroom
Was a curled up cat
Princess Nom Nom, booksitting, bagsleeping, fattycat swishytail the first!

From MattyLand hailed waist coat bear
A bear whose life mission was to inform the world
That he indeed wore a waist coat…
For if he didn’t he would just be bear.

From the islands of no where
Was of course a French sheep
A scientist on a single mission,
His life’s work, the same for all French sheep
Was to create a Super DARN laser to cut cheese from the moon,
For a French sheep likes for nothing more…
Than to devour some cheese with its red wine chilled.

And then there were… THEM, the most rough of the bunch
Dr Captain Pirate Lucia, from the Pirate University for Zebras,
And a few of her crew… in fact there was 2!
Zebras of course, complete with stripes, eye patches and a tails to.

Lord Pig Pigalot, in tradition with Pigglylot,
Did not cheat his guests out of an assortment of food
For every guest a wide assortment was bestowed
From fresh Hay to red wine, carrots to corn.
There was even for the sleeping cat…
A bowl of milk,
Heated to perfection, well just a little bit warm

And all was going so well,
Perfect in fact, nothing was wrong
The conversation was grand
The food was divine,
And there was even music from a harp!
Played by a Rhino!

However, as what often happens…
When theres a meal …
Consiting of critters…
Who are all strange and surreal

Lord PigPigalot said something…
That bought a gasp
Something which went down awful with a bunch…
It was nothing big, at least not to a pig…
And even repeating it…
Makes me feel sick

So your a pirate?
You look more like a horse…
Those stripes don’t belong on you pirate crew at all!

The table went silent, QUIET!! and odd…
The quests just looked quietly in shock.


A hoof came down,

“Pirates should not have stripes??
Thats against the laws of nature you know!!”

said Lord PigPigalot,
As he did a small cough
They should be in all sorts of odd clothes

Explained, Dr Captain Pirate Lucia
From the Pirate University, specifically for Zebras,

The other guests sat, complete in silence,
Shocked at the ongoings…
Of their once peaceful alliance…
That is of course apart from the cat
Her Royal Highness slept, and only twitched her ears.

A pirate zebra chimed in

“I am no horse!
In fact these stripes, are a symbol of pride
All pirates should have stripes!
Its only natural
For a pirate without stripes…
Like a Ninja without a sword

The anger in the room was beginning to erupt
Lord PigPigalots ears were nearly steaming out the sides
And as the argument went on,
The others looked worried,
Then in the heat, of all going on,
Prince Epic, who just may possibly be a moose…
Quickly slipped out, Taking most the hay in his mouth.
followed by the French sheep, who carried all the cheese away.
Waist coat bear, brushing down his coat,
left like a gentleman… slowly tiptoed out.
Leaving just the wonderful king of Pigglylot
The rough pirate bunch, and the cat who rested soundly.

Then it happened, he shouted something,
Words that would start…
A war out of nothing.
Said Lord PigPigalot, in voice never heard
One so loud, it shook the room.
“Leave my kingdom, never come back!

Dr Captain Pirate Lucia,
And her Zebra crew…
Stood up shouting YARGGHHhhhh
As pirates do.
Then turning there back
To Lord PigPigalot of Pigglylot
Said words… that everyone thought
Would never ever be heard

“We will never…
Trade with you,
For we own the seas
Pigglylot will go hungry
You will get no more cheese, from the islands no where
No more fresh fruit, from MattyLands great kitchen
There will be no more hay from fort goat again!!!!
Good bye Lord PigPigalot…
I hope we never meet again!”

Then when they had gone,
Storming out in a noise,
Lord PigPigalot felt bad
But it was to late of course…
And as he left, late that night…
To his bed to sleep
In a grump and a sigh

There was a certain cat
Who finally woke up,
Her royal Highness stretched,
And let out a mrroowwww

“Hey everyones gone,

She said rather confused,

No point in leaving all this fine food.

And as she ate,
That concluded the day…
Thats story of why
Theres a war to this day
Between the wonderful kingdom of Pigglylot
Ruled by Lord PigPigalot
And the rough Pirate Zebras…
Who just love their stripes way to much.


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