NB: Ok! Now, everyone… I mean no offense to anyone who may find offense. I don’t mean to upset anyone. I wrote this because I was struggling to understand the earthquakes that hit my city and made me homeless for a while. I don’t mean to make fun or make earthquakes seem not such serious things.
It was just how I coped with dealing with the situation. My heart goes out to anyone lost in an earthquake, no matter what country or city they are from. Having lived through all the Christchurch ones. I truly understand how scary they are.


It began with a waddle,
but it started with a quack!
It was around lunchtime,
When there was a tap, tap tap
Upon my window. It was rather loud.
Confused I was, I opened it wide.
I poked my head out… but was surprised
For what did I see out in front?
NOTHING! Thin air, a fence and a tree.
But then down below,
Where I didn’t look,
There was a lispy voice… Rather quacky in tone.

“Yewwww dere,”

It said so loud,

“Dun saapose…
yew kno…
where da secret meetin…
Is suppose ta be held?”

Still in shock,
I rubbed my eyes…
For before me was a duck, of course!
I blinked once…
Then I blinked twice!
This duck just spoke!
I was really surprised!

“What meeting?”

I asked quiet slow…
Taking caution…
After all this duck can talk!

“Da secret one!”

It said back in reply…
There was a silent moment…
That I let pass by.

“No,” I said,
“Where was it suppose to be!?”

He replied,

“In the park, with the river and the trees.”

Of course that could be any,
After all this is the garden city…
But I made a decision of where that was to be.

“I can take you there.”

I said quite shocked…
Did I really just offer to help a talking duck?


He said,

“Leeeeddd da way.”

“Not so fast…” I said quite stern,
“First of all you need to tell me your name.”

“I… am Mr Quackles,
A duck from the land of Quackalot.”

I nodded my head, I guess that made sense
This was after all a talking duck I whispered…
I lead the duck from there quite far!
To a park with a river and some trees, of course!
But what was there to greet me
Astonished my eyes
For what I saw, changed my life!
There was a meeting, of course that was true…
But a not so secret one- at least not what I saw!
There were hundreds. NO THOUSANDS!
Ducks from all over the entire world.

I accompanied Mr Quackles,

“Taaank yeeewww,”

He said, as I walked with the waddler
Into the thick of it.
I stood there looking out,
At all the many ducks….
And then I heard it,
The loudest quack from it all.


It said, in a monsterious tone.

“I, Sergeant Quackers, called you here today.
My fellow Quacks!
There’s a problem that needs a fix!
Those seagulls and their many MINES!
Are now one too many!
I propose a declaration,
One that’s utter war!
We shall make those seagulls know
That those sandwich scraps will be ours as well!
Fellow Quacks!
Soon we shall quack a mighty quack,
A quack that will shake the very earth,
An Earthquack! That will declare our war!”

There was a marvelous flapping of wings that followed,
Quacks of many different tones.
Then a silence that was awkward followed…
And I looked around, confused as I was.
There seemed to be a counting,
As Sergeant Quackers quacked.


He went.
Then all at once the ducks went


The earth shook beneath my feet,
The noise was so loud my ears were ringing!
I tried to keep balance,
As everything shook.
Some of the ducks began to fly away!
It was nothing that I had ever seen,
The whole round world wobbling,
Waddling like a duck or three.

Then it stopped, just as it had started.
Sirens rang in the background loud.
Buildings around me were in bits and pieces.

“What have they done?”

I quietly whispered.

I ran
As fast as I could,
Mr Quackles followed.
When I reached a street, where I could look down,
Mr Quackles came up…

“Wats wrong?!?”

I looked at him, then at the world I loved…

“Mr Quackles, look at what your quack has done”

He looked at me, then down the street.

“We din relize.
Dere be as much duckstruction as this!”

So that is my story,
Of that fateful day,
When we had the giant Earthquack
That shook the ground away.


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