Returning Home

I have adventured for many years
Seen more than most will see
Cried a thousand tears…
At both beauty and terror been,

When I started I just wished for change
To see something that wasn’t the same
Experience the new and bold
To look upon something with nothing but awe,

However now that I have returned
From the home I left so long ago,
I feel so confused and torn,
For no longer feels my home

The door that I remembered,
Lays tattered, cracked and aged
Upon the ground it screams out…
Stories of its glory days

Inside the spiders look comfortable,
Undisturbed in peaceful slumber,,
The table fallen over frail,
The chairs warm in a blanket of dust…

And staring at this aged state
I begin to truly ponder
Is this really my home?
Or am I stranger in a strange land
That is no longer my own..


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