Only Love Brings War (Unfinished Story/Note) – long

‘May by the Gods our lands outlast those of past times, may we seek hope in this thy dark hour’
~ Pompermillia – The Last General of South Sansara


(Angae = angelic like beings who took over, as the guardians of the world, though with little care for the world, those in favor of them, were those of greed, and that seemed to be all the Angae knew how to satisfy; so in anger they slay the )

(Eaven’Gelae = The first guardians, before he was were killed by a darkened demon; one’s which dwelled from outside this realm but somehow found its way into existence.)

(Talamar = the greatest war to mark this world, that of where Daeiae stood…)

(Mea’Geia = Magic)

Only Love Brings War

Day by day it was the same. Reports of fallen men and lands, alone we stood and in fewer numbers, the Angae had decided our fate. We were to fall like those before, the fairies and the one Eaven’Gelae… nothing was the same these late days, however we were determined to go fighting, we would not fall unheard.

Since Talamar, the coming of the Taelin Queen and Temaeo, the world had changed. Magic was feared, the people were scared; thinking that we were created by demons. Those who possessed any form of power were hunted; many lords and kings had fallen. Though what was the most sad and the most depressing to me, was that the gods themselves had been abandoned; the laws were broken, balance lost.

The safest place for anyone with magic was where Talamar first took place, those many years so long ago, two lands now joined and recognized upon maps as nothing but darkness, the cursed lands… the forbidden lands. These lands together were known as Kiale’Lera, a place of rouges, bandits, pirates and magic, or a place where everyone was on their own… some of the times greatest heroes, anyone of Mea Geia was now in Kiale’Lera.

I am old, though I killed many… yes, so many fell to my blade, one I killed; was Essa’In- known as the great teacher of the rogues, one I regret as, thinking about it- he could of restored the old world, or at least create a land in this darkened mess.

I think now that sometimes time passing can be something prevented, though, maybe it is just old age; I know though, killing him bought me troubles… many came after me in search of my death, there is one out of all of them that I will never forget, one I didn’t have the heart to kill, she was one of skill.

I meet her so long ago in the ruins of the great temple one which was once the landmark for the Kingdom of Aysteria; though now it was a ruined building in a area now labeled by the name of Keiale North, and it was here, while I was paying tribute to the Goddess Gen that we first met upon one night…

I heard something being drawn, not a sword it was fast and short, two noises one followed by another, My head swung around and my right hand went, so quickly went to my blades hilt, I finally fully turned, it was then that I was facing this young girl holding two daggers, one in each hand. She had dark brown eyes and long light brown hair. She was beautiful yet young no older than. No older than 18 at least… a grin grew across her face, it was then I knew why she had come.

“Are you Leaven?”

She asked, in this strange way, as if she had quested months or years. My feet went into a battle stance, her tone of voice indicated sadness, and the air around me, told me smelt of pain.

“I am indeed whom you seek… tell me your name… friend?”

She moved into what seemed a brace, one prepared for battle. Her left hand holding a dagger out front and her right holding one pointing towards the ground, I knew now this could be it… she was fighting with love in her heart.

“I am Ra’Eda; you killed someone that I loved,”

It was at this moment she rushed at me, my hand drawing my sword, just in time I stopped the daggers, she darted back and rushed again, slipping, moving side to side, I had never seen anyone move so fast, my eyes just catching glimpses of the attacks in time to stoop them. Then she was no longer visible, I missed where she had gone. Her words however whispered the air, as if some sort of ancient tongue.

“I carry so many sins, so many have died for me, with me; I am prepared to kill again.”

My head moved ferociously left to right, right to left.

“Where are you, who did I kill!”

I shouted back, though silence was all that could be heard, and then a whimper that seemed to echo, I knew a reply was finally came.

“I am an assassin you killed my teacher, you killed Easa’In”

Then in this moment she jumped from the above and came down upon me swiftly, I moved myself to one side, my feet as if dancing upon the earth and my blade slid up to catch her chin and her daggers sliding up to my neck. And there we stood outside the Temple of Gen, our blades at each others necks and both of us to afraid to loose our lives or make a mistake of blinking… just standing in the darkness ,each ready to kill one another, yet to afraid to.

“I suppose this is it?”

-“I didn’t mean to kill Easa’In, he was a man who gave me no choice, one who fought to the end…”

The young girl began to cry and her grip tightened around both her daggers.

“I don’t think I can win, I will drop my sword and when I do you may do as you wish. I am old, my time is coming… to kill you would be a waste of such young potential.”

Then a moment of silence passed, fear was stretching across my mind, then finally I dropped my sword, the Goddess Gen was my guide. All noise stopped, or seemed to fade. No birds, No creatures, nothing of the night… as my eyes focused on my blade. Then finally as if an age had past, I heard this one loud bang. It echoed my ears; and as my blade hit the ground. I pushed her back so gently. A dagger of hers scraping across my face, a wound so deep a scar would be left and then I turned around.

Ra’Eda let her arms loose; it was as if she was a crumbling statue… the daggers falling to each side, one still dripping with the blood from my face. She turned around and yelled in anger.

“Old man, you are truly worthless, death would be too great a satisfaction for you.”

I looked to the ground with the hand over my cut, I just store into nothing, and as the blood flowed down to my hand, the sound of steps fading into the distance was all I could hear, not turning my head to see her go, I grinned and picked up my sword, returning it to the case by my side.

I washed my face of blood, treated my wound; with natural means this time, no magic would I use this time, this scar was one that I wished to keep.

“She will return… I will see her again”

I whispered this into the dark and sat down again to pray. This time I prayed for that young girl… in hope she finds her way.

“Ra’Eda may you be safe, may we meet in times to come, when maybe I hope you can understand why revenge is useless and the world always has its own plans for us all.”

I finished up finally and stood so bold. I then walked into the distance, into the cursed lands heart.

I knew by the breeze which followed me, more battles were yet to come; And here I am still fighting, still taking on more sin, perhaps it shall always be this way- at least till death finds me in revenge.


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