Lost hope

If I had millions of dollars
Just one wish that could be made
It would be to change the minds,
Of the men in suits, who decide our fate.

This world I love feels sad,
As I stare out to that distant land,
Tears shed from my eyes…
And not because I am attatched.

But because the friendships I have made,
The time that I have put away,
Memories that I have made…
Will be valued less than dirt when weighed,

We have been abandoned,
By those of whom we placed our trust,
And as those around us fade…
I pray We will finally wake up in pain.

Then maybe things will change,
So it won’t have to be this way,
Only time will tell
If wishes can be made.



  1. Kathy Said:

    beautifully said…it would be nice if the world all woke up at once and said lets value love and kindness more than gold…and lets use love and kindness to back up paper called money.

  2. Matty Said:

    Thank you, 🙂 I edited it a bit now… wasn’t sure if anyone would get this one so thank you.

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