Just a call
Perhaps a letter
Even just a hello
From a friend
An aquaintence
Even just a stranger
It makes a difference
They wouldn’t know
Sometimes it keeps me breathing
As I sit here
In the dark
Always, Always waiting…

We should thank the shoe laces,
Oh yes we truly should!
They save us every day
National heroes don’t you know?
You see those shoes are alive
Totally evil and corrupt
Its cause they have no heart…
Strange creatures that they are

You see it is like this
Shoes really want us for lunch!
They have eyes, mouths and tongues
And most of all they have soles!

Always watching they are
Hoping to eat our feet for lunch
So how did these crazy creatures
End up on our feet at last?

It began with an idea
To tame the shoe to wear
But just how do you tame a beast?
As wild as a bear?

The answer came in a lace
A drawstring of sorts
And to weave it through the eyes
So they couldn’t tell us apart

But how this idea came to be
Is a kind of mystery
It began when a man
Had his foot viciously attacked

The shoe jump and bit,
He yelled and shook his good!
He took a sack of coins
And took the drawstring off!

In all the pain he was
He weaved it through the eyes
And suddenly the shoe let loose
Yet he thought this was nice.

He said this felt warm
Comfy and snugg.
He jumped up and down
And smiled oh so much.

It seems without their eyes
Shoes could not see
If they couldn’t see
Shoes couldn’t bite!

And thats how we got our shoes
But take a warning or two
If your walking in the street,
And your laces come undone
If you don’t tie em’ up
Your feet could be lunch.


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  1. kathy Said:

    Reach out with love
    never bend the rule
    of giving what you seek
    inside you
    beside you
    is always a friend
    whose heart is full
    of love to give.

    Say yes
    I can
    Say yes
    I am
    Same as you.

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