My 100th post :) A Poem for Autism Awareness Day

Today is Autism Awareness day, and I thought I would write something for it. Autism is not a problem, it is who I am. I notice I am different sometimes, then other times I think everyone else is just crazy. I think it changes how I look at the world, perhaps how the world looks at me… but deep down I think it just defines me.

Staring out the window
Confused and lost in dreams
Trying to understand
How did I come to be

This world just is so confusing
Always dark and Grey
Why don’t they paint things pretty?
How come they do not play?

I don’t think I belong
Things seem so out of place
Those people like loud music
And those people pierce their face

Why can’t I understand
This world that is so strange
Everything out of order
So many things out of place

So staring out the window
I decided to stay in dreams
Where things are so simple
And make sense to me.


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  1. jaebedford Said:

    Hiya Matty,
    I am Mim’z husband. Hey bud you have an incredible talent:-) I hear this one is being published, I am not suprised. Keep up the great work
    Warm Ragards

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