The Soft Kitty Song from Big Bang Theory is real.

I think I am tired of the credit of such a wonderful children’s song not being given to the Author.

The song I talk about is Soft Kitty, well childrens song at least. Its constantly referenced on one of my favorite shows Big Bang Theory, and I get upset that they have not once given credit to the authors, leading people to believe the song is completely made up by the writers of the show.

This however is wrong.

The song is a wonderful song that was written and authorized in a book titled Songs for the Nursery by Laura Pendleton MacCarteney and carries a Copyright by Willis Music Co ย 1937.

It was republished in the 1950’s (or so I believe) and thanks to the Australian National Library you can find that online for free. The Soft Kitty song is actually called “Warm Kitty” and can be found on page 21. Despite the lyrical difference the tune remains the same and its quiet possibly someone working on the show remembers this from child-hood.

The tune remains the same and is a wonderful adaption of an english folk some and has been composed by Edith Newlin

So for everyone who ends up here from a search engine, here is your answer! I am tired of being asked, and correcting people!

Enjoy Big Bang Theory its a great show and interesting, we talk about it a lot in one of the Autism Support Groups I goto! Its a wonderful show where theres less drama and more the daily lives of these quirky friends.



  1. mandalaymai Said:

    I love The Big Bang Theory and I am glad to know to whom the credit should go for “Soft Kitty,” or “Warm Kitty” as it were. Thanks!

  2. Steve Said:

    Thanks, I was sure it was
    an old tune. Now I know who to give credit.

  3. M R Fletcher Said:

    Does anyone know if this Edith Newlin is also Edith Newlin Chase, who wrote the book The New Baby Calf? If so, she is the lady whose nursery school I attended sixty years ago in NH. I learned hand woodworking from her husband.

    • Matty Said:

      Wow haven’t seen this blog activate in many years ๐Ÿ™‚ my new website is

      On to your question, I am pretty sure that Edith Newlin is NOT Edith Newlin Chase, the locations of each of these people do not match up.

      • M R Fletcher Said:

        I know Edith Newlin Chase was originally from Indiana, and lived in various locations in the US. It certainly sounds like something she would have written, given her personality and multiple talents. The family was close friends with ours for decades.

      • Matty Said:

        The Edith Newlin who wrote this song in the 1930s lived in Australia ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Matty Said:

        I have done some digging and confirmed it is not the same person ๐Ÿ™‚ Edith Newlin Chase’s works are very well documented and recorded. The odds that Edith Newlin Chase had any contact to the publishing company who only published for Australia and New Zealand, in Melbourne that published the song are also very small. The song was not published outside of Australia.

        I imagine their family or whoever is holding onto her original works, will also confirm that no warm kitty is among her collection =)\

        ๐Ÿ™‚ I gave you the link to my new website if you wish to further communicate with me, please do so through there as this blog is just up for historical purposes now.

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