The Final Day of FortFridge

The final Day of FortFridge, as recorded in the history books of a doodle pad

There is was the final moment, FortFridge was facing its final days. I didn’t know how long I could keep up the onslaught. Nemesis (That really was her name!) was just to crafty. She was waiting outside with her foam power-ranger sword and I knew it was time for desperate measures. I opened the freezer and unplugged it. General TeddyBear gave a good luck hug and by flooding the kitchen the war had begun.

I had my water wings on and stepped outside, prepared with a pot for a helmet and pool noodle. The battle had begun. I took a swipe and she hit back, and backwards and forwards it went. I knew I couldn’t hold out for much longer. And so mean she was she ruffled my hair. With a shocked expression I called for General Teddy Bear to arrest her, however all he did was sit and stare. This really was the final show down.

I catapulted what was the last of the frozen vegetables at her, but to my dismay I just made little ripples in the flooded room. There was no hope. I put my last energy into a few more baps… but, my energy had been exhausted. Due to her craftyness of confiscating my cola an hour earlier. I was just to drained. I bowed my head and gave in.

We took a moments rest to look around, the food on the walls, the mess on the floor. Crushed vegetables floating around a small pool of water. And I gulped as a soggy chips drifted by.

FortFridge had fallen, and I knew there would be a week long clean-up to follow, but I would have to wait to find out what punishment I would face under the true dictator of Fort Fridge. Good thing Mum’s not home for an hour.



  1. Kathy Jennings Said:

    LOL great story Matty 🙂 gave me much needed giggles :))

  2. Laura Said:

    BRAVO! EXcellent Job and you’re right (as usual), it did put a big smile on my face! Thank you!!! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

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