My reply to a neo-nazi message on a forum

I am posting this here for someone else to read,

I wrote this as a reply to a neo-nazi propaganda post, on a forum I read sometimes. I wanted to put it somewhere else, remember I am from New Zealand, Masterton is a very small farming town. Anyway the person who posted originally was trying to say that foreigners are stealing jobs, that anyone disabled has no use in society, and things like that. This is what I responded.

Sorry this is long.

I have never left New Zealand, yet I look Indian, as my father is a successful fijian-indian who came here at age 16 and never left. My mother was born in Masterton, and her family are first generation immigrants (As we all were at one point or another) as a relative of mine on her side was a sea captain who bought many people across the oceans to settle in New Zealand.

I belong to a Scottish clan known as the Clarkson clan. I have a coat of arms, and I am proud of all my heritage. From both the Scottish, English, Fijian-Indian and Maori to as my Great Grandmother was an adopted Maori

I think people like you who talk a lot of neo-nazi propaganda about foreign workers stealing jobs, and whatever forget that you, yourself are nothing more than an immigrant. At some point either you or your family came to this country. Just like mine did, and just like everyone else’s here did. The same goes for all Americans, all Australians… and if you go further back through science there is a theory we all have come from one place and spread out as people, the environments we lived in changed the way we look, the way we talk, who we are as people.

Your posts, your quote. Your provocative language and your words that are nothing more than pure stirring of the masses in a deep prayer as your organizations like to say… “preparation for the revolution that is to come” are very out-dated, unwise… full of such false logic.

I am autistic, I have trouble with communicating, functioning. Under your logic I am a burden to society, yet I do so much for society at the same time, in my own way… as I can. What higher power, what logic… what science has given you the right to judge others? When you see someone on the street and you look at them, do you judge their being by how they look? Do you truly believe that because someone looks a certain way they must be a foreigner? New Zealand, this country… no this world. Is a multi-cultural society, people move, people breed… experience life and cultures. We as people migrate. Their are no real foreigners. There are only explorers and various systems set up to help the lands they explore cope. Are those systems right and wrong? I don’t think I have the experience, the power… the knowledge to truly judge that.

I am not just talking about this post but all the posts you have made this year. Although you will read this, probably get angry, write something mean in a response. I truly hope that one day, in your lifetime. You realize that we are all nothing more than flesh and bones, there is no difference between you and I, no difference between you or young man from a Tribe in Africa.

Perhaps it is to much of me to ask you to stop putting quotes from these organizations that were built upon hate and spite. Perhaps it is to much for me to ask you to stop trying to stir destruction of the society around you. As you should never ask someone to stop their beliefs. I do think though I and most everyone does have a right to say please stop trying to force these beliefs on others.

Well this probably makes no sense, I am not the best at communicating, especially in such long passages. However if it does on the odd chance, I hope you take this not as a dig, but more a prayer of hope that one day you do find some kind of peace with whatever anger it is you have with the world around you.


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