Dreams of the past

Here I am the last
Dreaming of the past
The times I stood with legends
Braved adventures near and far
I don’t know how it came to this
Don’t know how time moved on
One day they were beside me
Then another they were gone

Its as if they never were
Standing by my side
Yet the memories are fresh
As if time has been but idle

If only they could know
Just what heroes they truly were
Not just in strength and bravery
But as my friends and family

All the smiles that they gave
The lessons that they taught
Not a single one can be replaced,
They were all but angels by my side.

There were times I was near death
Yet they some how pulled me through
And I do not know at all
Why they even stood there
But what I know…
Is that I was always glad.

Even if they are gone
Drifted from this plain
I will never forget them
and always mention them in fame.

The times that we slayed dragons
Ancient beast from the void
The places that we explored
The treasure that we scored

I pray that wherever they are
Whatever path they took
If to the realm above
Or the depths of down below
That they never forget
That they once had a home
And if they ever make it back
I really hope they know
My door is always open
Just knock and I will open.


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