To my friend

I have seen a lot of things, reality far before my time. Stories and horrors that shouldn’t have been, and sometimes they confuse my mind. I spend my days staring at the sky, dreaming of being far away… wishing the world was different and just wanting to escape.

Yet sometimes strangers you meet or come by, making you realize this world is beautiful and wonderful to. They bring to you smiles, hope and make that all powerful feeling of abandonment… nothing more than a distant memory.

You are a wonderful person, never let anyone say otherwise. Whatever your faults, whatever past mistakes. Know that they are nothing more than experiences to learn by, no matter what anyone says… I know deep in my heart from all the adventures we shared together, monsters we slay and troubles we overcame but most of all the conversations we shared together. That you are a wonderful person with a good heart and choice of judgment.

~With Love


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  1. Elias Said:

    beautifully spoken heart, you make us feel together in a world thats torn apart. x ya neighbours
    Kirsty & Elias

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