A Poem for Neil from 1000 Awesome Things

NB: I met someone a while ago through email who runs a Blog called 1000 awesome things, he is quiet an amazing person at least with thought, and has dreamed up1000 things he finds amazing with life, the world, things that are… well awe-some. You can check out his blog here

In this world there are amazing gifts
Presents of which we never thought
Things we take for granted
That we truly shouldn’t.

It takes a moment from our lives
To stand, listen and feel them out
Stare up to the sky in awe
In wonder of the world.

So in the next breath you take
The next dream you make
Remember the world is an amazing place
Where the smallest things can make you feel great.

~*~With much thought~*~

(And my extra little verses just for Neil Himself)

So it is to you I thank so much
For your eyes have seen so much
Of which for many of us were blind
Not by our choice, but by our lives.

Continue to write about what you see
About things and what they mean to me
For I had no idea at all
Someone could open me up more 🙂


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